June SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

I seem to wake up lately and am just amazed at how fast the time goes.  (You know what they say, Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana).  It is already June, kids are getting out of school and as I write this, it is barely a week until Origins (and I still have so much to get ready).

The Deadzone FAQ and Errata are scheduled to be released next week, so we can finally resolve if you can climb the tower, and give veer-myn a more cost effective specialist, and fix the zombie horde.

In the Kings of War front - watch for the Empire of Dust to be heading your way soon.  These ae all 'advanced' models - either metal conversion components for existing plastics (i.e. skeletons and revenants) or full metal models.  There were some pre-production concept sketches and 3D renders shown at Open Day.  Watch my blog for pictures as soon as I can get some.

Mantic usually announce all their releases six weeks or so ahead of time, but this time they snuck in a set of five MVPs for Dreadball - during the Xtreme kickstarter there were some pledges that allowed people to get their own model - and these are now available.  I like the irony of the fact that these were funded as part of the kickstarter, but are ONLY available as a retail exclusive release (well, I think the people who made the huge pledges got a copy).  There are rules for them floating around (and there just might be links on my blog as well), but they are not in any of the season books.

Speaking of announcements - there is a big one coming up.  They have said it is a very important announcement for one of their games.  From what Ronnie said at Adepticon and what I've gathered from what was said at the open day, I am expecting them to announce the kickstarter (yes, kickstarter again) for Dreadball 2.0.  I expect this to be a new book with all the consolidated rules (plus some new tweaks), as well as the team lists for all the teams.  In addition, I remember Ronnie saying that they will probably also have some new teams to create, replacing some of the existing ones.  So expect the existing Forge Fathers (who have been on strike since the Brokkr team came out) to be gone completely (and maybe the 2nd Enforcer team as well - though I hate to see the all female team gone).  I do not see them doing twelve new teams - but maybe four.  I'm also expecting this to be shorter - probably only two weeks duration. There will probably be two pledge levels - one for the new book, and one for the book and the new teams and MVPs.  I see them trying (like they did with The Walking Dead: Total War) to keep the pledges simple and standard.

Of course this is all just my own speculation, and I could be wrong. :-)

As I mentioned, Origins is barely a week away.  Pre-registration ended on June 1st, but you can still get your badges and event tickets on site starting June 15th.  We are hoping to get enough people to actually run the dreadball tournament even though we had no pre-registrations.  We have 8 pre-regs for the Kings of War tournament, and I've heard from at least 2 more people that say they want to play but didn't get their tickets before the cutoff.  Origins has released the main gaming hall map, and we are not quite as far away as we have been the past few years (probably only because 3/4 of hall F is under construction!).  Watch for our banners - Kings of War, Ohio War Kings and Countercharge.  We are in front of the 40KOrigins people (who may actually have some Mantic events going on as well), and right behind the open gaming area (if you go straight back - past the HUGE WizKids area / booth on the left and then through the middle of the Open Gaming area you will find us.

The Ohio War Kings are going strong - we have a logo, several members are sporting their new shirts, and the banner for our area should be arriving tomorrow!  With all the ticketed events, plus some of the free demos and paint-n-take going on - this looks to be a fantastic Origins.  If you missed out on the shirts don't worry - we can always get more (though I can't guarantee the price (however they have sales ALL the time)).  I'm also picking up some messenger bags and totes with the logo on them that I'll have for people to buy - however they won't be here in time for Origins.

I will be asking for some feedback on our weekly game night - Mondays are starting to be problematic for many people, so we may have to move it (Fridays seem the most popular).  But until we do, stop by the Hobby Shop at 6pm on most Mondays and get a game in.

If you want to keep up to date with news, pictures, hobby tips and other foolishness check out my blog (url below) - I try to update at least once a week (more often if I get breaking news).  

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