May SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

Hmmm - even though spring has been around for a while, the warm days of March have yet to return in May.

Mantic has declared that the Deadzone: Infestation kickstarter has completed shipping - all backers should have or be getting it soon.  If you backed and have not yet received your box of Deadzone goodies by the end of the month then contact them on their website.  The retail release is at the end of this month.  This is a great chance to get started on a fast, fun game.  If you have the first edition - then pickup the rules and give the 2nd a try - they did a great job of streamlining the rules, making the game play faster and a lot more fun.  All the first edition models and terrain are completely compatible with the 2nd edition as well.

Mantic is repackaging all the Deadzone models - so each faction will now have a starter and a single booster. These will each be $39.99 retail.  The initial release this month will see the Enforcers and Forge Fathers, while June will see the Veer-myn and Asterians.  This month also sees the release of the new mercenaries - these are metal models that will be sold in blister packs.  Most of them can also be used for 'normal' troops.

Also, a retailer exclusive coming out this month are the new acrylic counters for Deadzone 2. Objective counters, victory point counters, wound counters and activation counters are in this pack (as well as a couple of 'it burns' counters for when you really need to set someone on fire, and a target lock counter.  It does not appear that there are item counters included however.  Mantic has not said if they will be making new lids for the item crates from the first edition.

In June the infestation expansion will be out - which will feature a "Retailer Exclusive" sculpt for the piper (along with the new Industrial terrain and a deluxe game mat).  Mantic is also releasing four new Battlezone sets for the industrial terrain.  Industrial District, Sector and Quadrant as well as the Industrial Pipe Network will all be available to make your games even better.

For those Dungeon Saga players June will see the release of the new Warlord of Galahir expansion. This is a chance to take your adventures out of the dungeon and into the woods against orcs, goblins and trolls (yes, the living ones).  This release also includes two new characters - a salamander hero and a "tree" druid.  You can also pick up sets of the new greenskin models (I can see people wanting the mawbeasts and orclings for their Kings of War armies (or mawbeasts for your Deadzone Marauder strike force).

Registration for Origins events is ongoing, and registration for Gencon events starts on the 13th. Gencon often has events that sell out - so be sure to check out their system and build your wish list.  Currently Dreadball events are NOT showing up in their system but Mantic has submitted some and is working on correcting the issues that are keeping them out of the system - so if they aren't there when you pick your events keep checking back!

The Ohio War Kings are hosting the Kings of War events (and the dreadball tournament) at Origins again this year - and we now have a logo and are in the process of getting shirts and a custom banner made up (thanks to Kyle from the Master Crafted podcast for the artwork), so we should be easier to find then ever before.  Plus Counter-Charge will be doing paint-n-take in the Ohio War Kings area as well, and we look to have some Dungeon Saga and Deadzone demos!  If you are interested in joining the Ohio War Kings then simply ask to join our Facebook - or send me an email to be on the OWK Mailing list.  There is no cost or obligation.  We are taking orders for button down shirts with our new logo - these are $25 but you must have the money (and shirt size) in to your friendly local Mantic pathfinder by May 15th (paypal or cash if in person).  Sizes go from Small to 3XL (add $2.00 for 2XL, $4.00 for 3XL).  If you won't be able to pick it up locally (or at Origins) then add another $5.00 (and your address) and I'll ship it out once they come in.

The reception for doing a dreadball league here in Dayton has been a bit lukewarm - though some of our friends in Columbus are very interested in it.  Maybe after Origins - watch this space for details.

Even our Monday nights at the Hobby Shop are getting disrupted this May.  I'll be travelling the last two Mondays of this month (and they don't stay open on the evening of Memorial day anyway), and plan on being there on the 16th but will definitely be late.

Because it is all fun and games . . .
Mike Carter
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