Mantic releases for June

As much as I love Kings of War, Mantic does make other great games, and occasionally has to let them be released as well.  So while we wait for the new Basilean miniatures to come out, Dungeon Saga and Deadzone both have new releases coming soon.

First up - for all you greenskin lovers out there - the Warlord of Galahir expansion for DS comes out in May.  This features 21 miniatures, 3 sheets of tiles/counters, the rule/quest book, 3 new character sheets (for the boss and two new heroes) and new cards.

MGDS04 Dungeon Saga: Warlord of Galahir MSRP: $49.99

If you want more of the greenskins, they are also available separately.  The set has a goblin archer, 2 goblin warriors, a mawbeast, a troll, an orc greatax, an orc morax, an orc skulk and a stand of orclings.
MGDS20 Dungeon Saga: The Green Rage Miniature Set MSRP $24.99
 You can also get the legendary version of the two heroes in the set, Hraith and Kapoka.
MGDS21 Dungeon Saga: Legendary Heroes of Galahir MRSP: $24.99

But enough of the past - we want the future.  And in the future there is only . . . well a lot of stuff, but it is the Deadzones you have to watch out for.

Exham IV has disappeared from all navigation charts.  Officially it no longer exists - it is a Deadzone. Unlike Nexus Psi, there are no alien artifacts changing people into monstrosities.  Instead the threat comes from beneath the grounds, in the tunnels and sewers, from the pipes and factories.  Hordes of rat like creatures have swarmed from below - the Veer-myn have finally come forward - no longer will they sit back and let the man-things control the world.  With swarms they have overwhelmed everything in their path - it is an INFESTATION!

This new expansion for Deadzone details the campaign for Exham IV - and contains the sourcebook (including new elite army lists with new leaders - allowing new variations on your strike teams for every army (well except for plague - sorry still no profile for Dr. Symonds)) a deluxe rubberized gaming mat detailing the surface of the mining colony Exham IV, six industrial scenery sprues, a connector pack, and the exclusive Piper miniature w/ rat swarms.

MGDZM33 Deadzone: Infestation - Exham IV  MSRP: $49.99
It is a little hard to see, but the piper and his rat swarms are just at the bottom of the picture.  Ok, fine - here is one of just them.
The piper and his rat swarms
The deluxe gaming mat is also available to buy separately - but seriously why not spend the extra $15 to get the full Infestation expansion if you want the mat?
MGDZM34 Exham IV - Deluxe Gaming Mat  MSRP $34.99

Of course you can use your existing Deadzone Veer-myn for this campaign.  Wait - you don't have any?  Of course not - they are brand new and being released to retail for the first time.

I don't have the exact list - but it appears you will get a progenitor for a leader, 3 sprues that will allow you to make either Crawlers or Stalkers, 2 sprues that each make 2 Nightmares, and four Maligni Chem Throwers (These look to be new as well)
MGDZV101 Veer-Myn Faction Starter  MSRP: $39.99

The booster set has more of the new models, including a Brood Mother, a rumbler weapon platform (that should allow you to make either a Heavy Chem Thrower or Heavy Chem Spitter), a new Nightmare (with options for Scythes or with spitter), and five of the older warpath nightmares (that can be used a Malignus).
MGDZV102 Veer-Myn Faction Booster  MRSP $39.99
To complement the veer-myn come the Asterians - these elite space 'elves' generally disdain fighting themselves - sending in their robots to do the job for them.  This new starter includes 2 drones (that can be equipped with either a plasma vortex, pulse bombard or shield generator), a black talon, an overseer, and 10 cyphers with various weapon options.
MGDZA101  Asterian Faction Starter   MSRP: $39.99
The booster pack includes two more drones, two sky razors, eight cyphers with weapon options, a black talon, and five of the brand new (metal) kalyshi with energy bows and glaives.
MGDZA102 Asterian Faction Booster  MSRP: $39.99
Of course it wouldn't be Deadzone without the cool modular Battlezones terrain.  The new Industrial terrain sets come in district, sector and quadrant sizes.  The district contains 3 Industrial sprue A, 3 Industrial sprue B, and one of each of the industrial accessory sprues A & B, plus two sets of connectors.
GMTSCI26 Battlezones - Industrial District  MSRP $39.99
Getting a bit bigger, the sector.  This appears to come with 4 Industrial sprue A, 4 Industrial sprue B, and two of each of the industrial accessory sprues A & B, an urban accessory sprue plus three sets of connector.  (This is my guess from the picture - contents subject to change)
MGTSCI27 Battlezones - Industrial Sector  MSRP $84.99
Of course go big or go home - so the Industrial sector has it all.  8 Industrial Scenery Sprues A and B, 4 ruins sprues (2 of A & B), 8 accessory sprues (4 of each), three urban accessory sprues and 5 sets of connectors. (This is my guess from the picture - contents subject to change)
MGTSCI28 Battlezones - Industrial Quadrant  MSRP $174.99
 Finally - more pipes for the rats to come crawling out of, or go crawling back to.  My guess is this contains two of the large pipe accessory sprues  (This is my guess from the picture - contents subject to change).
MGTSI29  Battlezones - Industrial Pipe Network  MSRP: $19.99

If you want more details on the battlezones - check out the parts Infestation Imminent : Commencing Containment Protocol and my painting guide Painting Deadzone Terrain.  And keep an eye on this space to see all the details of the rest of the new Deadzone models (because my kickstarter package is waiting for me to open it up all it's goodies (who needs things like dinner - and didn't the dogs eat yesterday?  I have minis to paint!)

Because it is all fun and games . . .