Mantic Open Day 5/21/16

So it looks like another ManticOpen Day has come and gone.  Not only am I an ocean away, but I headed in the opposite direction this weekend, visiting family in Oregon.

But is that going to stop me from trying to grab as many new pictures to share?  Of course not.

@FistyGlueMan on twitter is agreat source of information.  Whether this is actually someone at Mantic or just a rabid fan, this feed always has great pictures from open days.

(This is the first time I have tried to write a blog post from my kindle fire, so I hope it works ok)

Just to be different (and because it is the order that blogger loaded them) let's start with The Walking Dead.  First up, painted minis for the game

The Walking Dead:All Out War minis

Really like the Glen mini

Dale in his fishing hat / vest is great
Some up close pics of the walking dead unpainted minis

Warpath is coming with new plastic minis.  First some of the Asterians (sprue pics at the bottom)

Plague 3A's are also getting new hard plastics

During the presentations, Mantic also showed off renders of upcoming models.  THESE ARE NOT FINAL MODELS AND MAY CHANGE.
GCPS troops

Tortured souls

Empire of Dust Heroes

Empire of Dust Enslaved Guardians

Walking Dead

Walking Dead

Plague dogs? Hell hounds?

Plague Mule

Earth Elementals (tthis was supposed to be the first time the were shown to the public)

GCPS mule

GCPS Heavy Weapons

Forge Fathers Hultr Halftrack
 Ok, nowsome pics of the new sprues - first the Asterians
Asterian Marrionettes

So with this small sprue I'm going to guess that these will be separate in a little bag
 Then the plague

Because it is all fun and games . . .


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