Deadzone Infestation Kickstarter Boosters

So when you backed the Deadzone Infestation kickstarter at the Quarantine level you go to pick one booster as part of your pledge.  If you backed at the Lockdown level you got all seven of them included.

So what was in the boosters?

First was the Enforcer booster.  This had no new models in it - it was five of the enforcer peacekeepers and a strider (which has all the parts to make the enforcer, rebel or plague version).

The enforcer peacekeepers were one of the last sprues completed for the first Deadzone kickstarter and came out quite late.  I never did pick up any of these (though I already have 3 Striders (come on Warpath!)) - and it surprised me when I realized that it takes two full sprues for these.

peacekeeper sprue 1 - 4 bodies, heads, weapon options
and the other side
peacekeeper sprue 2 - one more body, legs and shields
peacekeeper sprue 2 - the other side
The strider is all restic - this is one of the older kits and could still benefit from an assembly guide. Lots of bits here, including some weapon options.
Strider bits
In the lockdown pledge, they bagged all three veer-myn boosters together.  The first booster was simply the veer-myn booster, and contained of the old restic warpath nightmares (these are now recommended to be used as Maligni - however at 18 points for the chem thrower version, and then adding more points to get them to be anything like the models - well I don't see myself using any for Deadzone), a sprue of shredders, and a progenitor (this actually ended up as a pair or progenitors, as they shared the same sprue for pieces).

Warpath nightmares - all with hand weapons and small guns - not worth the extra points, though you can give them a ray pistol for free if you want.
The nightmares (I really want to call them shredders for some reason) are just more of what you already got in the Quarantine pledge - you would now have enough to try giving them a big drill, a pair of drills, or a two-handed drill (I think there is a theme here).  (Pictures on my previous post).

The progenitors are interesting, in that the way they were produced, they ended up always coming in pairs (2 heads on a bit of sprue, arms on sprue pieces as well).  Not a big deal, however these are leaders, and you can explicitly only take one leader.  So here is hoping you can take more in Fire Fight / Warpath to use all of these.  You can however make both the base model or a version with the spitter (sniper) rifle - and we all know how good snipers are in this game!
Progenitor - seem to always come in pairs

and the backs
 Next comes the veer-myn beast booster.  This contained two of the big baddies - a Brood Mother and a Night Terror, as well as a stalker / crawler sprue.  One thing about that sprue is it appears it has all the bits to create the Malignus Chem Thrower as pictured in the book - yet another reason not to need the old warpath nightmares.

The night terror is a big monster that can either be equipped with scythes to give it AP1 in close combat, or a Heavy Chem Spitter that is R5, AP3 (and a shoot of 5+, plus the fight going from 4 to 5+),  This was originally going to be metal, but became plastic like several other models did.  It is nice that it has different arms and heads as well as the weapon options.  This is a model that I do wish they would have included more of, as I want at least one of each option.  Can you believe Mantic is going to make me actually have to go out and buy a veer-myn booster to get another - it is almost like they are out to make money or something.  (I'll also get another brood mother and rumbler weapon platform in it, so that is good - but the five more warpath nightmares?)
Night terror pieces
The brood mother is the second leader for veer-myn.  Her special rule is interesting as she can have grunts jump in the way when she is shot at - so it can make her much harder to take out with ranged weapons.  The model comes with the chem-staff.
Brood-Mother pieces
and back
The third veer-myn booster was the Heavy Chem Thrower.  This came with two more progenitors and the Rumbler Weapon Platform (with options to make either a super heavy chem thrower (R3, AP2, Volatile, It burns, Heavy) or super heavy chem spitter (R8, Ap2, Weight of Fire(1), Suppression, Heavy).  At the same point value, I like the spitter MUCH more, but that is just me.
Rumbler weapon Platform with crew
and the backside
The next choice was the plague booster.  This came with a sprue of the plague zombies, and the new 1st Gen Aberation - original to be done in resin but now in plastic.

Five plague zombies are flavorful and balanced - however you take 18 of these and it is way overpowered (since they are not worth any VP).  I really look to see these as one of the first things adjusted - the zombie swarm list seems way overpowered (I watched a game with it, and the swarm ability on the zombies makes them some of the most effective close combat models in the game (like anywhere, one zombie is no big deal - but when you move a 4th into a cube to attack - he now gets 8 dice (3 + 1 move + 1 friends + 3 swarm) - OUCH.

plague zombie sprue.  I really need to put some of these together and try some of the solo zombie scenarios
and the back
The plague aberration is a monster in all ways.  Plus it is just a beautiful model.  Even bigger than the normal stage one - just remove the old adage of "shoot the big ones first" - you do not ever want to let this guy get in combat with your troops (as a plague player - use you move dice + sprint to advance as fast as possible into combat while staying behind terrain - even though he is size 4 and has armor 1 he can still be taken down with concentrated fire (though a friend wants to give him an energy shield!)

I think this is just a great model

The head is a little small - but when you figure this started out as a human . . . 
Dry-fit together from the front
and the back to show off some of the great detail.
The asterian faction booster comes with two weapon drones and five of the new Kalyshi - these (unfortunately) stayed in metal - and I've heard several people saying that they are fairly fragile with the thin pieces on them.

The weapon drones are almost a must for asterians - though (unfortunately) you do not get any duplicate parts for these - so you can't build these identically.

Drones, with choice of Shield Generator, Plasma Vortes or Pulse Bombard
Kalyshi - both male and female.
Last up is the single miniature booster - but that will have to wait for next time.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. I plan to use the five warpath nightmares Creeper Engineers - well at least until actual Creeper models appear. And the plague aberration looks awesome painted up!!!

  2. Really easy to magnitise the Asterian Weapon Platforms BTW. I did it with mine in first edition.

  3. These reviews are really helpful! I've included a link to your article about the Aberration, and I'll also link it in the articles about the other models when I get to those: Plague Aberration for Warpath from Mantic Games


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