Deadzone Infestation Kickstarter Pledge Levels

I have already talked about the new 2nd edition of Deadzone, which was funded by the Infestation Kickstarter.  I have already talked about what is in the starter set and the new terrain.  But there is an awful lot more as well - I got my ten pound box of goodies and of course am going to share them all with you.  However there is enough accumulated stuff that I'll be splitting this into multiple posts.

The kickstarter had three base pledge levels - Outbreak - which was pretty much just the new rule book, Quarantine which included most of the new models (including the new terrain) and was the "sweet spot" of the campaign.  The final Lock-Down pledge was everything available in the kickstarter except for 1 model (the Ogre Terminator with Mini-Gun).

Mantic did a nice job of packing things - each of the pledge levels was in it's own bag (holding everything that was not in the previous level).  Oh, and a big bag of bases.
All the bags of levels.
The outbreak level was basically the rulebook, a paper game mat and digital copies of the rulebook and infestation expansion, and an art print.  They also threw in a set of command dice,  a set of 8 sided dice and a counter sheet - so if you already had the models and terrain from the first edition this was all you needed to start playing the new one.
Outbreak pledge
The Quarantine pledge was the best "bang for your buck", and was the recommended pledge level.  It included everything in the outbreak pledge, as well as a hard copy of the infestation expansion.  It included 2 sprues of pathfinders, 2 enforcer jetbikes, 3 sprues of veer-myn crawlers/stalkers, a sprue of veer-myn nightmares and a sprue of forge father steel warriors.  These are all new hard plastic models created for the campaign.  You also got an Industrial terrain district - 6 wall sprues and the 2 new accessory sprues (plus connectors).  It also had a PDF of short stories, and three exclusive resin models of N7-117, Blaine on Jetbike and the Piper.  Plus they added a set of blue command dice as well.  (for pictures of the pathfinders, steel warriors and new terrain, check out my previous post Infestation Imminent : Commencing Containment Protocol.

Infestation supplement
N7-117, The piper and blue command dice
Blaine on Jetbike
Enforcer Jetbikes
veer-myn crawler/stalker sprue
other side of the crawler/stalker sprue
veer-myn nightmare sprue
veer-myn nightmare sprue back
nightmare legs - separate and not on the sprue
Then there was the Lockdown pledge.  Lockdown was the 'just give me everything' pledge - they had done this on some of the previous kickstarters (Dreadball Xtreme comes to mind) - however this may be the last time they do this simply because it can become too great of a deal - i.e. as they add more and more stretch goals it can eventually be where it is almost a loss for Mantic to do these. Lockdown included everything but one model (which I added) and seemed to be a great deal.

Lockdown included everything in the Quarantine pledge, plus an additional Industrial terrain district, and all 7 boosters (as opposed to Quarantine giving you 1 of your choice).  So to me getting $150 more stuff for a difference of $100 was a pretty good deal.

By itself, lockdown has nothing more to show - since I've got pictures of everything already.  I'm going to be a bit of a tease however, and save the boosters for next time.

Because it is all fun and games . . .