Mantic Blog: Origins - Day 2 & 3

So with quite a busy start on the first night with the fire and all, I was raring to go on Thursday. Good thing to, because it was a fantastic day.

My first learn to play session was at 2 pm - and I had 7 players - so all four tables were full. I ended up playing Josh since he had already gotten a game under his belt. My Abyssal Dwarfs put some smackdown on the Orcs. I did a lot of running between tables answering questions and pointing things out, but it was great fun.

The 5 pm session was smaller, only two people. However both of these had seen us playing the night before, which is why they came to this session. Goblins vs Ogres - and the little guys put the big ones to shame.

Then with a quick dinner comes the 8 pm session. I thought the first one was great - but this one had 9 people show up for it - I unfortunately had to turn the last one (who got there about 8:15) away - but he is hoping to come back for one of the last two. Josh and Aaron had a rematch here - so they started while I was teaching the others - one pair was a married couple, another a father and son. Everyone had a good time.

As I was packing up, one of the 5 pm players asked if I could stay a bit and he and I had another game (his KoM trouncing my AD). He was having a really bad day, and playing KoW was the highlight of it, and he just had to get in another game to help him calm down and end the day on a high note.

Then this morning one of the 8 pm players came by just to thank me again, he had so much fun the night before.

So today was the big tournament - but it didn't happen. Unfortunately, Josh was the only one to sign up for it (it really is nice seeing him being able to play a bit!) so it was cancelled, clearing up my day. So what did I do - sat down and played a full 1750 pt game against Josh - his undead vs. my Abyssal Dwarfs - both of us had our tournament lists after all (mine was in case we needed a ringer army). As is typically, his artillery seemed to be better than mine (so tell me again how skeletons with NO EYEBALLS can aim so flipping well when my abyssal dwarfs can't?) It was funny watching the artillery shoot it out the entire game (he ended up with 1 catapult out of 3 left, I ended up with 1 rocket launcher (out of 2 and 2 mortars) left). In the end I controlled 2 objectives while he had 1, and he only had two separate werewolfs and 2 characters left, while I had most of my infantry. A really fun game - Josh is a great sport. One more victory for the foul, evil dwarfs.

I did manage to snap a few pictures of some of the games going on.

Dwarf ironclad, sheildbreakers and ironwatch ganging up on a poor skeleton horde, while the revenant knights head toward the war machines. Unfortunately destroying this unit wasn't enough,and the dwarfs lost the battle.

Ogres doing some damage to the Abyssal Dwarfs, though the AD pulled out the victory in the end.

Abyssal dwarfs fighting Orcs. The box is the base of the orc flagger who broke off just before the battle and wasn't repaired until afterward. I think this is what caused the orcs to lose this fight.

Goblins fighting the undead. Two armies both with multiple horde units - it was basically crap on crap when it comes to fighting. But being able to head the undead (by eating their opponents in combat, or by magic) allowed the undead to be victorious here.

Some dwarf on (evil) dwarf action, and Dwarf ironclads prepare to flank the Abyssal Dwarf Lesser Obsidian Golems who were fighting the Shieldbreakers. But it was not enough, and the AD won this fight.

Another shot from the same battle - a pretty even matchup between Abyssal Dwarf BlackSouls and Dwarf Ironclads.

Goblin rabble horde and giant charge the Kingdoms of Men horde of spearmen. The goblin artillery in this game was incredible - leading them to a decisive victory.


  1. redfox4242 6/15/13
    I am really enjoying the Origins Game Fair.

    Orcsbain 6/17/13
    Glad to hear you had such success with yor games, its just a pity that there was little intrest in the tourny, still perhaps now you have helped raise the standard for mantic people are more aware and there will be more intrest next time.


    Darklord 6/18/13
    Awesome, glad to hear everyone loves the game!



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