Deadzone is coming

I talked to Ronnie at Adepticon, and he said the kickstarter for Deadzone: Infestation should be shipping the week of April 11th.  If you did not back this however, do not fear - May the commercial release for the new version of Deadzone.

First off, for those who have not played before, there is a brand new Deadzone boxed game.  This is something that is NOT available via kickstarter - the kickstarter was to fund the Infestation expansion, and it wasn't until after it started that they decided to completely redo the rules.  Mantic has lowered the entry cost (as well as the box size).  I had a look at this at Adepticon and was suitably impressed. The miniatures look great, the book is slick and glossy (and the page numbers are in the table of contents).  The box game contains
  • Quick-start Rules
  • Paper Matt
  • Command Dice
  • Counter Sheet
  • 5 Enforcers
  • 5 Pathfinders
  • 10 Steel Warriors
  • 6 Ruined Battlezone Sprues
MGDZM29 Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set - $79.99
Speaking of the book - of course it will also be available for those who already have the game, or don't want the starter set.  All backers of the first Deadzone kickstarter will get a PDF for free, and the PDF's for backers of this one have already gone out.
MGDZM28 Deadzone 2nd Edition Hardback Rulebook - $39.99
Deadzone is played on a 2' x 2' board, broken down into 3" squares.  The boxed game comes with a paper mat - but if you really like the game then you will want the deluxe mat to play on.  This is their mouse-pad material mat that is being re-released with the new edition.  You can fold it or roll it and it doesn't crease or tear - a great surface to lay your games on.
MGDZM05-1 Deadzone Deluxe Gaming Mat - $34.99
One major change with this edition is the removal of the cards.  The card deck for each faction has been replaced with command dice.  You roll these each round to see what additional actions you may take - and if you get the Mantic splat logo then you can take a faction or leader specific action, making not only the factions but the leaders of each play differently.  Some one also asked Ronnie about a combined book / dice bundle for those who already have the first edition - he said it was a great idea - so look for it soon.
MGDZM31 Deadzone Command Dice - $9.99
The base game comes with a sheet of cardboard tokens - step you game up with these acrylic tokens. Activation, wound, victory point and other tokens are included for all your needs.
MGDZM30 Deadzone Acrylic Counter Set - @29.99
Much like Mantic did with Kings of War 2nd edition, all the factions are being re-released - often with new models (we are still waiting for the Basilean release though).  First up are, of course, the iconic enforcers.  When the council declares a Deadzone, it is the enforcers they send in to take care of the problem - be it a plague infection, vermyn infestation or zonbie apocalypse.

The starter set looks to include the enforcer hard plastic sprue as well as the new pathfinders hard plastic sprues.  It also looks like there will be some of the restic specialist and command models from the first edition.

MGDZE101 Enforcers Faction Starter - $39.99
The enforcer booster will include the new hard plastic jet bikes as well as the enforcer peacekeeper plastics.
MGDZE102 Enforcers Faction Booster
Forge Fathers get their new starter set as well.  Brokkrs, the Forge Guard plastic models and the new Steel Warrior plastic models all appear to be included in this set.

MGDZF101 Forge Fathers Faction Starter - $39.99
The Forge Father booster looks to include two Valkyr bikes, an inferno drill, a frag ram, more Brokkrs and more of the new steel warriors to add to your force.
MGDZF102 Forge Fathers Faction Booster
The new version of the game will allow you to customize your forces like never before - including new mercenaries you can take.
MGDZR202 Hund, Rin Bounty Hunter - $9.99
The orc looks way cooler than the original concept art
MGDZO101 Chief Mauhulakh, Orc Sky Scraper - $9.99
A new leader for the rebels

MGDZR201 Adrienne Nikolovski, Rebel Commander - $9.99
The ogre mercenary was an extra add-on - even for the all inclusive pledge, so many people will have missed this brute.
MGDZM201 Ogre Mercenary Warrior - $19.99
The Rebs are supposed to be greatly improved in this edition, so they get a third mercenary with the Teraton Shock Trooper.
MGDZP201 Teraton Shock Trooper $9.99
The new game is faster, cleaner and much more intuitive (I have heard that the rules may even be quicker to play than Kings of War)..  No more will you be struggling to win even without an opponent.  I look forward to getting the new version and giving it a try.  The nice thing is all of your first edition models and terrain still work with the new edition.

Because it is all fun and games . . .