Adepticon Clash of Kings 2016 pt 2

Caleb and Kyle (boy, that sounds like a Nickelodeon show from the 90's, doesn't it?) do really fun youtube videos on Kings of War - and they were scraping the bottom of the barrel at Adepticon so interviewed me during the tournament.

One of the best parts of running tournaments is seeing the beautiful armies that people bring.  The Clash of Kings at Adepticon was no exception.  While only 16 of the armies qualified for the Best Painted Mantic Army award by having 75% Mantic or more models, they were all fantastic armies that people deserve to be proud of.

Joe Flesch's Orcs - Best Painted Mantic Army
  • Ax Horde (Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar)
  • Orcling Hord
  • Greatax Regiment
  • Gore Rider Regiment x2 (one with brew of haste)
  • Gore Chariot Regiment
  • Giant x2
  • War Drum
  • Krudger on winged slasher (Ensorcelled Armor)
  • Krudger (Wings of Honeymaze, Zappy Sneak)
  • Godspeaker (Inspiring Talisman, Bane Chant(2))
  • Goblin Troll Horde (Helm of Confidence)
  • Goblin Fleabag Rider Torrp
  • Goblin War Trombone
  • Goblin Wiz (Scarlwetmaw's Fenulian Amulet)
The top 10 finishing armies:

Corey Reynolds' Elves
  • Kindred Archer Regiment (Fire Oil)
  • Therennian Sea Guard Horde (Brew of Keen-eyeness)
  • Forest Shambler Horde x2 (Brew of Strength / Brew of Haste)
  • Drakon Rider Horde (Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar)
  • Bolt Thrower x3
  • Elven Mage
  • Drakon Rider Lord x2 (Ensorcelled Armour, War-bow of Kaba)
  • Tree Herder x2 (Medallion of Life, Healing Charm)
Shannon Shoemaker's Varangur
  • The Fallen Regiment
  • The Fallen Horde x2
  • Tundra Wolf Troop x2
  • Mounted Sons of Korgaan Regiment (Guise of the Deciever, Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar)
  • Chieftan (Brand of the Warrior, Wings of Honeymaze)
  • King on Chimera (Brand of the Warrior, Medallion of Life)
  • Heria of the Fallen
  • Ogre Boomer Horde x2 (one w/ Fire-OIl)
  • Ogre Army Standard (War-bow of Kaba)

Jon Carter's Undead
  • Wraith Troop (Quicksilver Rapier)
  • Mummy Regiment
  • Zombie Legion x2
  • Werewolf Horde (Brew of Strength)
  • Soul Reaver Cavalry Regiment (Maccwar's Potion of hte Caterpillar)
  • Revenant Cavalry Regiment
  • Balefire Catapult x2
  • Vampire Lord (Wings of Honeymaze)
  • Vampire Lord on Undead Dragon (Ensorcelled Armor)
  • Necromancer x2 (both with Lightning Bolt(2))

Kris Kaspner's Herd - Highest Painting Score but not 75%+ Mantic models
  • Harpies Troop
  • Guardian Brutes Horde x3
  • Beast Pack Troop x3
  • Stampede Horde x2 (one with Brew of Sharpness)
  • Shaman x2 (both with Heal(5)
  • Tribal Totem Bearer (Healling Charm)
  • Elf Drakon Rider Horde (Brew of Strength)
  • Elf Dragon Kindred Lord (Brew of Haste)

David Baker's Ogres
  • Berserker Brave Horde (Macccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar)
  • Siege Breakers Horde x2
  • Shooter Horde (Brew of Keen-eyeness)
  • Boomers Horde x2 (Heart-seeking Chant / Fire Oil)
  • Red Goblin Scout Troop x2
  • Army Standard x2
  • Grokagamok
  • Giant x2

Jerry Paige's Elves
  • Drakon Rider Horde x2 (Brew of Sharpness / Maccwar's Pition of the Caterpillar)
  • Drakon Rider Regiment x3
  • Silverbreeze Cavalry Troop
  • Dragon Kindred Lord (Medallion of LIfe)
  • Drakon Rider Lord (Pipes of Terror)
  • Mage w/Horse (Inspiring Talisman, Ban Chant(2),  Lighting Bolt(3))
  • Mage w/Horse (Myrddin's Amulet of the Fire-hear, Ban Chant(2), Lighting Bolt(3))
  • Army Standard
  • Ogre Shooter Horde (Brew of Keen-eyeness)

Lucas Gitar's Elves
  • Kindred Gladestalker Troop
  • Therennian Sea Guard Horde (Brew of Keen-eyeness)
  • Kindred Tallspears Horde (Brew of Strength)
  • Hunters of the Wild Troop
  • Silverbreeze Cavalry Troop
  • Stormwind Cavalry Regiment (Brew of Haste)
  • Drakon Rider Horde (Crepognon's Scyrying Gem of Zellak)
  • Bolt Thrower x2
  • Mage (Inspiring Talisman, Bane Chant(2))
  • King on Horse (Ensorcelled Armour)
  • Dragon Kindred Lord (Ensorcelled Armour)
  • The Green Lady

Stephen Olk's Ogres
  • Ogre Warriors Regiment (2 handed weapons)
  • Ogre Warriors Horde x4 (Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar, Dwarven Ale, Fire-Oil, Brew of Courage(2 handed weapons)
  • Ogre Boomers Regiment x2
  • Ogre Boomers Horde
  • Red Goblin Scout Troop x4
  • Army Standard x2
  • Grokagamok
  • Giant

Miel Vermelulen's Abyssal Dwarfs
  • Abyssal Halfbreed Regiment (Helm of Confidence)
  • Gargoyles Troop x3 (Kaba's Holy Hand Grenades)
  • Lesser Obsidian Golem Horde x3 (Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar, Brew of Sharpness, Wine of Elvenkind)
  • Katsuchan Rocket Launcher
  • Iron-Caster on Great Winged Halfbreed (Boots of Levitation)
  • Overmaster on Great Abyssal (Boots of the Seven Leagues)
  • Iron-Caster x2 (Inspiring Talisman, Mreb's Grimoire of Unspeakable Darkness)
  • Goblin Spitters Horde x2 (Heart-seeking Chant, Brew of Keen-eyeness)

Bill Harvat's Undead
  • Skeleton Spearmen Regiment x2
  • Soul Reaver Infantry (The Fog)
  • Wraiths Regiment
  • Zombie Legion (Undead Giant Rats)
  • Zombie Troll Horde
  • Werewolf Horde (Brew of Strength)
  • Revenant Cavalry (Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar)
  • Revenant King on Horse
  • Cursed Pharaoh (Wings of Honeymaze)
  • Vampire on Undead Dragon (Ensorcelled Armor)
  • Necromancer (Inspiring Talisman, Bane-Chant (2))
  • Lykanis

Scott Birkett's Dwarfs

Valeris Fletcher's Dwarfs

Connor Shields' Dwarfs

Kara Brown's Basileans

Amy Stamper's Dwarfs

Johnny McGinnis' Basileans (and Justin Fugates Forces of the Abyss in the background)

Jon Hickey's Ogres

Ed Philips' Ratkin

Chris Pelletier's Orcs

Jonathan Hendry's Undead

Todd Warren's Undead

Bill Foreman's Empire of Dust

Gregory Marcotte's Ogres

Mark Rupp's Brotherhood

Grant Smith's Forces of the Abyss

Brian Papciak's Elves

Chuck Jiardina's Abyssal Dwarfs

Jason Turner's Orcs

Tim Bjur's Basileans

Joshua Fouke's Elves

Andrew Strobl's Forces of the Abyss

Sue Foreman's Dwarfs

Unfortunately it was only when getting the pictures off of my phone that I realized I only had 33 army pictures.  My apologies to Justin Fugate and his Forces of the Abyss - apparently I missed getting their picture (though you can see the back of them behind Johnny McGinnis' Basileans)

Because it is all fun and games . . .