Adepticon Clash of King 2016 pt 1

Whew!!!  That was pretty incredible.  I don't think I have even started to recover from the great time at Adepticon this year.  (It doesn't help that it gets topped out by having to drive home from Chicago - just one more level of exhaustion to heap on the rest!)

The major focus was, of course, the Clash of Kings North American Kings of War Championship, held April 2nd and 3rd.  This was a six round event (4 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday), for which we had 43 people signed up and 34 that were actually able to play (there were a couple of people that had sudden changes to their plans so were only able to be there for Saturday unfortunately).

A rather tired group after the final game on Sunday
I know people don't want to read me rambling on about the tournament - they want to me to get to the pictures (plus I don't think any amount of coffee is going to get me able to think intelligently (let alone write) for at least a couple of days).  I posted a shot of each round in progress to Facebook during the event, and tried to get a picture of every table (thus every player) during a game, as well as long shots down the rows of tables.  But I'll let these act as the next 34,000 words!

Round 1 is on!

Scott Birkette v Amy Stamper

Kris Kaspner v Joe Flesch

Shannon Shoemaker v Kara Brown

 Valerie Fletcher v Connor Shields

Johnny McGinnis v Justin Fugate

Bill Harvat v Jonathan Hendry

Jonathan Hickey v Chris Pelleter

Ed Philips v Jerry Paige

Todd Warren v Chuck Jiardina

Bill Foreman v Brian Papciak

Grant Smith v Mark Rupp

Gregory Marcotte v David Baker

Jason Turner v Sue Foreman

Miel Vermeulen v Jon Carter

Lucas Gitar v Andrew Strobl

Tim Bjur v Joshua Fouke

Stephen Olk v Corey Reynolds

Round 2 begins!

Tables 16-13 Round 2

Tables 12-9 Round 2

Tables 8-5 Round 2

Tables 4-1 Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Tables 1-4, round 6

Tables 8-5, round 6

Tables 9-12 round 6

tables 15 - 13 round 6

The battle for the win was on the top three tables.  Jon Carter once again made it to the top table for the final round (where he lost to Kara last year).  This time against someone he has met at tournaments before, and the winner of the Team Tournament (with his daughter) on Thursday, Shannon Shoemaker.  Their game ended in a tie, which kept either of them from the top spot but put Shannon in 2nd and Jon in 3rd.
Top Table for final round.  Jon and Shannon ended in a draw (9-11)
Kara Brown was on table 2, tied in third place just a few points behind the two leaders.  Unfortunately she wasn't able to hold on against Kris Kaspner's beautifully painted Herd army (which, unfortunately, was not eligible for "Best Painted Mantic Army" as it has no Mantic models in it).  This loss dropped the former champion down to 11th, while Kris came in just out of medal contention for 4th place.
Second table for final round - Kara lost to Kris (4 - 16)
On the third table, only a few points behind table two was Corey Reynolds and Bill Harvat.  Corey took a big win here, which allowed him to jump over the tie on the top table to take the championship.
Third table for final round - Corey beat Bill (17 - 3)
So how did it all work out - well here are the winners.

Mark Rupp - Most Sporting
Joe Flesch - Best Painted Mantic Army
Jon Carter - 3rd Overall
Shannon Shoemaker - 2nd Overall
Corey Reynolds - North American Kings of War Champion for 2016

Final Results (available at

PlaceNameArmyOpponentsBattleAttritionBase PaintTotalPaint 1Paint 275% ManticFavorite ArmyBest PaintedMost SportingAwards
1Reynolds, CoreyElvesOlk, Stephen, Kapsner, Kris, Fugate, Justin, Paige, Jerry, Carter, Jon, Harvat, Bill87104155922533584Champion
2Shoemaker, ShannonVarangurBrown, Kara, Turner, Jason, Birkett, Scott, Kapsner, Kris, Fouke, Joshua, Carter, Jon859260590223025412nd Place
3Carter, JonUndeadVermeulen, Miel, Fouke, Joshua, Baker, David, Harvat, Bill, Reynolds, Corey, Shoemaker, Shannon8486605892732100159113rd Place
4Kapsner, KrisHerdFlesch, Joe, Reynolds, Corey, Paige, Jerry, Shoemaker, Shannon, Baker, David, Brown, Kara829655587343487610Hon Mention - Painting
5Baker, DavidOgresMarcotte, Gregory, Pelleter, Chris, Carter, Jon, Olk, Stephen, Kapsner, Kris, Hickey, Jonathan81124355862229518
6Paige, JerryElvesPhilips, Edmond, Rupp, Mark, Kapsner, Kris, Reynolds, Corey, Warren, Todd, Fouke, Joshua81899558629312621
7Gitar, LucasElvesStrobl, Andrew, Fletcher, Valerie, Brown, Kara, Vermeulen, Miel, Harvat, Bill, Stamper, Amy7594155802429531
8Olk, StephenOgresReynolds, Corey, Bjur, Timothy, Jiardina, Charles, Baker, David, Rupp, Mark, Gilbert, Matt (Ringer741026657927311001582
9Vermeulen, MielAbyssal DwarfsCarter, Jon, Philips, Edmond, Stamper, Amy, Gitar, Lucas, Smith, Grant, Birkett, Scott7410095579193010021512
10Harvat, BillUndeadHendry, Jonathan, Warren, Todd, Fletcher, Valerie, Carter, Jon, Gitar, Lucas, Reynolds, Corey737060578253210021597
11Brown, KaraBasileansShoemaker, Shannon, Flesch, Joe, Gitar, Lucas, Pelleter, Chris, Birkett, Scott, Kapsner, Kris7273105772628544
12Hickey, JonathanOgresPelleter, Chris, Hendry, Jonathan, Warren, Todd, Fletcher, Valerie, Marcotte, Gregory, Baker, David681089557325291001549
13Rupp, MarkBrotherhoodSmith, Grant, Paige, Jerry, Pelleter, Chris, Fugate, Justin, Olk, Stephen, Marcotte, Gregory67669506721611913Most Sporting
14Fouke, JoshuaElvesBjur, Timothy, Carter, Jon, Foreman, Bill, Marcotte, Gregory, Shoemaker, Shannon, Paige, Jerry661034057131342678
15Pelleter, ChrisOrcsHickey, Jonathan, Baker, David, Rupp, Mark, Brown, Kara, Fletcher, Valerie, Hendry, Jonathan658780570203810021608
16Fletcher, ValerieDwarfsShields, Connor, Gitar, Lucas, Harvat, Bill, Hickey, Jonathan, Pelleter, Chris, Warren, Todd6271005672530100115610
17Gilbert, Matt (RingerAbyssal DwarfsFugate, Justin, Olk, Stephen617745566100100
18Warren, ToddUndeadJiardina, Charles, Harvat, Bill, Hickey, Jonathan, Foreman, Sue, Paige, Jerry, Fletcher, Valerie59960556423361001595
19Smith, GrantAbyssalsRupp, Mark, Shields, Connor, Turner, Jason, Foreman, Bill, Vermeulen, Miel, Jiardina, Charles5930955640241255
20Birkett, ScottDwarfsStamper, Amy, Foreman, Sue, Shoemaker, Shannon, Papciak, Brian, Brown, Kara, Vermeulen, Miel56773556128305810
21Stamper, AmyDwarfsBirkett, Scott, McGinnis, Johnny, Vermeulen, Miel, Jiardina, Charles, Foreman, Bill, Gitar, Lucas55835556021311001527
22Hendry, JonathanUndeadHarvat, Bill, Hickey, Jonathan, Philips, Edmond, Bjur, Timothy, Foreman, Sue, Pelleter, Chris50844255520311001519
23Foreman, BillEmpire of DustPapciak, Brian, Fugate, Justin, Fouke, Joshua, Smith, Grant, Stamper, Amy, Bjur, Timothy50811355562810013410
24Flesch, JoeOrcsKapsner, Kris, Brown, Kara, Papciak, Brian, Strobl, Andrew, Jiardina, Charles, Shields, Connor4656505512931100116110Best Painted
25Foreman, SueDwarfsTurner, Jason, Birkett, Scott, Shields, Connor, Warren, Todd, Hendry, Jonathan, Fugate, Justin4656305511728453
26Marcotte, GregoryOgresBaker, David, Strobl, Andrew, McGinnis, Johnny, Fouke, Joshua, Hickey, Jonathan, Rupp, Mark4491555491728451
27Jiardina, CharlesAbyssal DwarfWarren, Todd, Papciak, Brian, Olk, Stephen, Stamper, Amy, Flesch, Joe, Smith, Grant37672054226354658
28Turner, Jason (W)OrcsForeman, Sue, Shoemaker, Shannon, Smith, Grant, Shields, Connor3755500371231001248
29Bjur, TimothyBasileanFouke, Joshua, Olk, Stephen, Strobl, Andrew, Hendry, Jonathan, Shields, Connor, Foreman, Bill3568700351785
30McGinnis, Johnny (W)BasileansFugate, Justin, Stamper, Amy, Marcotte, Gregory, Philips, Edmond3540805402630563
31Fugate, JustinAbyssalsMcGinnis, Johnny, Foreman, Bill, Reynolds, Corey, Rupp, Mark, Gilbert, Matt (Ringer, Foreman, Sue32526053710291404
32Philips, Edmond (W)RatkinPaige, Jerry, Vermeulen, Miel, Hendry, Jonathan, McGinnis, Johnny3160805363135664
33Papciak, Brian (W)ElvesForeman, Bill, Jiardina, Charles, Flesch, Joe, Birkett, Scott2957055341928100147
34Shields, ConnorDwarfsFletcher, Valerie, Smith, Grant, Foreman, Sue, Turner, Jason, Bjur, Timothy, Flesch, Joe244405024915246
35Strobl, Andrew (W)AbyssalsGitar, Lucas, Marcotte, Gregory, Bjur, Timothy, Flesch, Joe2245255272429536

Next time I'll have pictures of all the armies, and some info on the lists..  Same bat-channel, same bat-time.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. So bummed I couldn't play! But it looked great, and seemed everyone was having a blast! Looks grdat, can't wait to see the armies!

  2. Excellent. All minis painted all the folks are cheerful. Looks like you people had a blast!

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