Well it was only natural

Mantic has always been a company that listens to it's players.  We asked for a second edition of Kings of War and got it.  We asked for a better version of Deadzone and it is coming.

Lots of people have been asking for the Forces of Nature army, and were not all that happy to hear that it was not planned for release until summer.

Mantic has heard you, and the Forces of Nature have move up to April!!!

Here are the items due for releases in April:

MGKWN101 Forces of Nature Starter Force $84.99

I'm not sure of the contents of this yet.  I would expect 20 salamanders, 20 naiads.  Probably a druid and greater earth elemental.

MGKWN102 Forces of Nature Mega Force $174.99

Also not sure of the contents, but I would expect double the number of salamanders and naiads, some forest shamblers and MAYBE the centaurs.

MGKWN301 Forces of Nature Salamander Regiment $29.99

The salamanders are hard plastic and have the options for hand weapons and shields, or two handed weapons, as well as bits for a standard bearer and musician.  If you want to see the sprues I posted pictures of them a while back at Four Plastics and a Fiend (scroll down past the Forces of the Abyss).

These are really nice, and I'm looking forward to painting the regiment I have built from my kickstarter starter army (for my new nature demo army).

MGKWN302 Forces of Nature Naiad Regiment $29.99

Naiads are the second set of hard plastic sprues for the Nature (and Trident Realms) army (see the link above for pictures of the sprue).  Again, you have the parts to make either Ensnarers (with nets and hand weapons) or Heartpiercers (with light crossbows).  There is one odd piece that comes with the bodies - it is a human caught up in a net that fits with one of the arms holding the net (look at the middle figure below).  There are also command bits for a standard and musician, and in a (in my opinion) great return to tradition, there are two pets on the sprue - a frog and an otter.  I really like the pet rules for the armies that have them and wish they had continued this, but they make interesting pieces to add to bases.  I built two troops of heartpiercers with my kickstarter ones (8 to a multi-base) and will use 3 for riders for my Wyrmriders (which are giant squids).

MGKWN303 Forces of Nature Centaur Troop $29.99

This is the one to be excited about.  These are a "retailer exclusive" item - meaning they were not available as part of any kickstarter.  I believe these will be metal, and have options for either bows or two handed weapons (i.e. either hunters or striders).

I have a troop of Bray-Striders that I have made from Reaper centaurs - they may be getting replaced here in a few weeks!
MGKWN401 Forces of Nature Greater Earth Elemental $49.99

If you need a big guy - the Greater Earth Elemental is one of the biggest models Mantic makes.  He comes with a 75mm base, and looks like he could go toe-to-toe with their dragon.   For some more pictures of this model (and how I converted the Greater Obsidian Golem to stand straight up instead of being in the hunched gorilla pose - check out Stand up straight young man.
Greater Earth Elemental

MGKWN201 Forces of Nature Druid $10.99

A new druid sculpt with two heads.

MGKWN202 Forces of Nature Centaur Chief $19.99

The kickstarter did not quite fund him when it closed, but definitely did with add-ons from the pledge manager - where you could pick one up.

Be sure to watch this space for some in-progress pictures of the my new Nature demo army.

Because it is all fun and games . . .