Some long delayed follow through

One thing I've (unfortunately) realized is I don't always follow through with my hobby projects. Specifically there have been at least a few I've mentioned, but never posted any of the final results. So I figured this would be as good of a time as any. (Unfortunately this does not mean I've actually finished all of the, so sadly no Mars Attacks! or any of the winged figures on my desk :-).

So first off, in my entry Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore (back on 9/23/15), I posted up some of the really cool terrain from THMiniatures.  I showed the two versions of their Pit+Grave piece that was exclusive to their first kickstarter, one primed in black, the other in grey.  But I never took pictures of the final pieces, until now.

The version primed black, with the cover

and topless

The grey version

also topless
In addition to these, I also received some nice little pieces of scatter terrain.  I need to glue these to larger bases to use for Kings of War as an area of difficult terrain.

This should make 3 pieces of area terrain once based
In January, I did a post about straightening the Greater Obsidian Golem (Stand up straight, young man ).  Well I figured I ought to show the final, painted versions as well.

Greater Obsidian Golem


Greater Earth Elemental

and back
In addition to these, I've also finished a few things that I didn't show any WIP pictures.  Back in December, I finished a regiment of Abyssal Grotesques for my Abyssal Dwarfs.  The bodies are GW dragon ogres, but the rest are Mantic Ogres.  These perform nicely on the tabletop, so since I have the bits for three more, I need to finish off a full horde.

This year at Adepticon I will actually be playing in a few games.  On Thursday, my son and I are entering the Kings of War Team Tournament with my drunk dwarfs and nature allies that he is painting to match them.  One thing I've done was to convert my Gyro Bomber into a Steel Behemoth by replacing the top rotors with a gun, and adding treads and cannons.

Added gun in place of rotors
If you haven't seen my drunk dwarfs - every unit has some type of beer theme - whether it is the drunk horde of ironclad, or the ironwatch using beer bottles as guns.  I converted the gyro bomber by replacing the gas bags with kegs.

tank treads were added (and mud added to the treads and base)
One of the real fun parts about the army is the display board is a mountain brewery - and it has a tap mounted on it, and I will have fresh home brewed beer with me.  Come by and give it a try!  (I'll be bringing my most popular Bourbon Red Ale to the team tournament).

A couple of cannons for even more fire power
He is also using my Malifaux Nightmare Whiskey Golem as a Greater Water (Beer) Elemental

Curse you Wyrd!  Why do you have to have such cool limited edition models at Gencon for a game I don't play.

Yes, I keep buying them.  Including the circus with flying monkeys

I love the gremlin with a drill drinking out of the keg
Lastly, I signed up for the Dreadball Championship at Adepticon.   Since I'd have the cooler and everything already, I figured I wanted to do a beer themed dreadball team.  So I'm bringing the Tsudochan Trappists, and will have keg of Tsudochan Trappists Tripel with me as well.  So all of the models have beer mugs, are a painted as monks (white sleeves, black robes) all tied with a rope. Fairbly simple, but I figure that is one way to guarantee everyone enjoys themselves.  The beer is currently fermenting but should be ready for the tournament.


and uh, jacks

Prone markers flanking the coach

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. lovely stuff, will you be going in for the black lava kickstarter next month from THMiniatures?

  2. I've been planning on it since the first one.

  3. You need to play some Malifaux dood! It's great!

  4. I tried it (have a pretty full Ramos crew) but after a year and a half I just didn't like it. I looked at 2nd edition, and while I think they did a fantastic job of converting from metal to plastics (and beautiful ones at that) they didn't change the things I disliked about it the most. Part of me really wants to like it, but I don't.



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