March SW Ohio Mantic News

Coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, March is finally here, and that means madness (though I guess they have renamed the NCAA championships this year), daylight savings time and SPRING!!!  Here in SW Ohio it has been an extremely mild winter (I think we may have gotten 4" of snow (when we average 12"), and at least at my house that would be a VERY generous estimate), but we are all still looking forward to consistent warmer weather.

For Kickstarter news - The Walking Dead kickstarter is now in the waiting stage (at least for us backers) as Mantic goes off to make what could be a fun skirish zombie game.  This one is a bit different than those in the past, as there are not (and will not) be any separate add-ons - they are all specific bundles (and no add-ons will be in wave 1).  So much like the Dungeon Saga box A or B, everyone gets the same thing.  In addition, all the miniatures will come in a vacu-formed tray to prevent bending as well as to be able to easily tell that every set is complete.  The miniatures are also sculpted in a slightly 'chunkier' style to minimize the thin arms / legs / weapons that are so easily bent.

Kings of War 2nd Editon and Dungeon Saga are still waiting on some reprints to fulfill the last of the missing items, but should be completed soon.

Deadzone:Infestation is schedule to start shipping the end of this month.  The new beta rules are available on the Deadzone Fanatics Facebook page (  While I know some people don't care for Facebook, it is becoming a pretty standard place to get and share game information (check the other fanatic pages for Kings of War, Dreadball, Warpath and Mantic itself).  The new update does away with the cards, and instead uses command dice you roll each turn.  Each faction has a special ability that can be used if that side of the die comes up (and there may be sub-faction abilities tied to specific commanders as well).  All of your current Deadzone miniatures, mats and terrain will be usable with the new game.  If you backed the first Deadzone you will get a free copy of the new rules in .pdf format, and they are looking at making a conversion kit that contains the new rules and command dice.

Warpath has just released the Fire Fight beta test rules (also on their facebook fanatic page at  Since these came out a bit later than expected, they have extended the pledge manager for this until March 31st.  Make sure you get your pledge confirmed before the deadline, or you could be waiting many, many extra months to get your stuff (believe me, I know as I'm still waiting for my Dungeon Saga that the pledge manager got screwed up on (I swear I can remember filling it out - but it still did not go through).

For Kings of War, the new Forces of the Abyss are starting to arrive!  Apparently the army boxes are already sold out (don't worry, they are making more, but it takes a little while), but just because Mantic is out does not mean you can't find them online (a friend of mine got his Mega Force just this past Friday).

I don't know how many people remember Mantic talking about new releases in their 12 Days of Christmas blog posts, but these have started with all new models (and these are ALL retailer exclusives, so were NOT available from any kickstarter).  The Elves get Silverbreeze Cavalry, Orcs (and Goblins) get a Troll Bruiser, the Abyssal Dwarfs get a Slavedriver, and the Undead get the Lykanis and Wights!  Yes, you no longer have to use the small size old wights - these new ones are as big as large infantry should be, with flaming heads and huge weapons.

One unfortunate occurrence is that Mantic has had to raise their prices (the first time in several years).  It is something that is unfortunately inevitable.  While the prices may be a bit higher, the miniatures are still a great deal (especially compared with some other miniature companies).  However one way to help offset these higher prices are the new 500 pt army supplements.  So far four have been announced - Elf "Kindred Riders", Undead "The Soulblight", Undead "Monsters of the Crypts" and Abyssal Dwarfs "Slaves of Zarak".  Each of these packs includes some of the new models (the Kindred Riders include the Silverbreeze cav, the slaves include the new slavedriver, the soulblight has the wights and the MotC has not only the Lykanis, but also the Zombie Trolls), and all of them present a savings over buying the models individually.  (My calculations are between $5 and $30 depending on the set).

Lastly, the Destiny of Kings is now showing up in everyones hands and at their FLGS.  One thing I want to note - because people are just getting it, the new Living Legends will NOT be legal for use at Manticon and Adepticon.  However I do plan to allow for their use at any of the tournament I run after Adepticon.  So now is he time to make sure you paint up your Dungeon Saga heroes and villians to use in your Kings of War armies.  (One other note, when these heroes are choosen, they become bound to the main army (so they cannot use inspiring or cast spells on allies)).

Speaking of which, Manticon is less than two weeks away.  If you can be down in the Nashville area March 18 - 20 then there are still spaces available.  Then two weeks later, Adepticon 2016 is happening in Chicago.  Pre registration for Adepticon has closed, but there are always tickets available at the door.

We are still meeting at the Hobby Shop on Monday nights - some come on down starting at 6pm is you want to get a Kings of War game in March.  We are playing 2000 pt Kings of War on the 7th and 14th to practice for Manticon, and then 2500 pts on the 21st and 28th as practice for Adepticon.  Then once Adepticon is finished and we can take a breath - well it will be time for the next Dreadball League!

For the latest news and happenings from Mantic games make sure you subscribe to their blog ( ), and I always try to have something interesting on my blog as well (and I do take requests) at

Because it is all fun and games . . .
Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder


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