It is good to be King!

If you are an adult (maturity is not required, nor even recommended) and have a sick, warped sense of humor, then you probably have already heard of Cards Against Humanity.  CAH is basically Apples to Apples for sick, twisted adults.  One person plays a black card that is a phrase with a blank in it (sometimes more than one).  All the other players play a white card face down that has a word or phrase to fill in the blank.  The person that played the black card then shuffles these cards and reads them, picking the one they like best (for absolutely any reason they want).  The person who submitted the card gets the black card, and is the judge for the next round.  You simply play until someone gets an agreed upon number of black cards, or until you are too tired from laughing so hard.

CAH (which is apparently the company as well as the game) is very irreverant.  Every year on Black Friday they have their own online promotion.  In 2013 the raised the price of all their products for the day.  In 2014 they sold bullshit.

Honestly - a box that has a turd in it.  I found it hilarious and bought one just for the irony - I do not intend to ever open it because there is nothing inside but a piece of shit!  Last year they simply asked for donations - offering absolutely nothing for them.  They then posted lists of what they did with these - go on vacation, buy stuff, etc.  They also bought out all the time for the Chinese factory that makes their cards for a week to give all the workers their first paid vacation EVER.  So smart asses, and cool as well.

The past three years, they have also done a holiday promotion.  First was the 12 days of Christmas - where for a small fee (I think it was about $15) you got 12 different gifts leading up to Christmas - including several new cards for the game.   Then they did the 10 days or Whatever of Kwanzaa, with the same idea.  The big piece there was they bought a private island, named it Hawaii 2, and gave everyone a square foot of it.  You then got a tag that you can take to the island and claim your exact square foot!

Last year was the 8 practical gifts of Hanukkah.  Three of these gifts were socks (really!).  Some more cards.  And they bought an Irish castle and made everyone King.  For three minutes.  I was King today, from 7:39 to 7:42 CDT.

I laughed about it, but then pretty much forgot it, until I get a reminder email, and figure why not.  I get three decrees while I'm king, which showed up on their Who is the King? website.

My first decree was to get rid of crappy beer:

My second was to give tribute back to CAH

And since I couldn't think of anything else, I wasted my third decree plugging this blog :-)

My reign is thus immortalized in the Hall of Kings:

They said to use the name you had on your certificate - I should have thrown out the rules and used Puggimer instead - but oh well.

Because it is all fun and games . . .