Ancient history

When I started this blog, one of the purposes was to consolidate all my hobby posts that had been all over the place - I had posted WIP pictures and discussions for the armies I was currently working on or playing on various forums - but people from Carpe Noctem (the vampire counts forum) may not be aware that I had posted a different army over on Bugman's Brewery, or the Ogre Stronghold or Da Warpath, not to mention my old Mantic blog on the forums there.

Well now that this seems to be successful (50000+ hits in a year, I'm happy with that), I thought I would start to consolidate all of that old stuff here.  Blogger has the nice ability to schedule posts, which not only allows for me to write and stage them ahead of time, but to also backdate them.  So I have started to copy over old posts from those various forums, easily back posting them to when they originally went up.

This is why at least a handful of people are seeing posts from up to 10 years ago, as I gradually move that stuff over here.  Not all the pictures are consistent, and some end up missing, but if you are interested in the armies I did before I got into Kings of War and Mantic, well they are gradually getting added.

I am also copying the comments from the various forums on each post - because there was some fun discussion going on there.  I don't have much flexibility with these - but I do try to list the username and date (and time if available) of the original post.

So if you are interested, watch for OLD posts on

The United Greenskin Postal Service
The Grateful Undead
The Fireater Ogres
Da Beech Boys
The Drunk Dwarfs


  1. I've been working my way through ur blog over the last month and very much appreciate you doing this, always a pleasure to see unusual (but awesome) themed armies!


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