A breeze of silver

A short post to show off the last of the new Mantic releases for March, the Elven Silverbreeze Cavalry.

These fast, lightly armored, nimble archers are perfect for harassing the flanks of your enemies.  The nimble rule means they don't take a penalty for moving and shooting.  With 7 shots that hit on 4+ (and a 24" range) these are a great new unit (they were just added in 2nd edition) to give options to your elven armies.
Elven Silverbreeze Cavalry
One thing I especially like about these are the new horse sculpts - a set of light horses as opposed to the 'standard' restic armored horse that is used for nearly all the other cavalry units in the game. Listed as plastic and metal minis - I'm guessing that the horses will be plastic and the riders metal. They will retail for $24.99

Also an update to the last post on the other new releases

Abyssal Dwarf Slavedriver - $9.99 - metal model with alternate components
Undead Lycanis - $17.99 - metal model
Troll Bruiser - $17.99 - metal model
Undead Wights - $34.99 - metal models

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Look good. A bit of elf love long over due for mantic. How long before they re-do the elf infantry sculpt?

  2. I do not expect it any time soon. I would expect them to be more interested in adding models for units that don't have any (these are a great example of that), an then I seem them working on the Night Stalkers and Trident Realms.

  3. I love the Herald's of Woe in my Twilight Kin army. They're a nearly identical unit, elite and vicious aside, and I love the role they play. I think I've gotten VP's with them in every scenario I've played. Great to see the models released.


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