March to War

Well we finally have some pictures of the new March releases for Kings of War.  All of these are brand new, retailer exclusive models (i.e. not available from ANY kickstarter).  These were hinted at over Christmas, but now we can actually see them.

First up is a model for the Abyssal Dwarf Slave Driver (i.e. the army standard).  With a whip and hand weapon, he is sure to keep all your slave orcs in line.
Abyssal Dwarf Slave Driver
Speaking of Orcs (and Goblins), they have a new hero as well.  The new Troll Bruiser is coming for either army, to keep you Trolls inspired and put a hurt on the enemy as well.
Troll Bruiser for Orcs and for Gobllins
Undead are really in luck, getting two releases this month.  They get the Lycanis - a hero version of the werewolves.  He can also be used in the Herd army as a Lycan Alpha.  He looks to be suitably big to lead the packs of Lycans to victory.
Long awaited (well, at least since last summer when they were removed, then added back to the list), the undead are also finally getting their full size large infantry versions of wights. With flaming skulls, heavy armor and huge weapons, undead generals are really going to be digging these guys.
Undead Wights
While those are the only pictures I have right now unfortunately :-(, It looks like these are not all that is coming.  The good armies are also getting some reinforcements.  Elves can look forward to the release of the new Silverbreeze cavalry that they added this addition.  These are fast (SP 10), nimble cav armed with bows to harrass your foes.

Lastly, the Dwarfs are getting a model for the Steel Behemoth.  Yes, the dwarf tank is finally coming to the tabletop.  Unfortunately it will not make the March release as it has "been delayed due to size issues. The kit is very large and we have to re-think the materials used to produce the kit cost effectively."  So does that mean resin instead of metal?  We'll have to see.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Really looking forward to these releases. MOAR!

  2. Thank you for the information Mike.

  3. Darn, I've been waiting to see the steel behemoth, the sketch for it was amazing.


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