February SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

Well Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, but Buckeye Chuck did.  So whichever weather prognosticating rodent you believe, it is February already.  Let's hope your groundhog day went a little quicker than Bill Murray's.

Kickstarters - some love them, some hate them, but if you are interested in Mantic Games you have to live with them.

Kings of War 2nd Edition has completed shipping and they are working on the final missing items.  Dungeon Saga has also completed shipping and they are working on the missing items (and I should finally get the rest of mine this month).  DeadZone Infestation is supposed to ship in March - about two months late.  Warpath is continuing in development, and we get occassional peeks at new renders (the new GCPS plastic troopers are nice - even including a female body (though I wonder if she is a short mexican with a big gun?  I need a Michelle Rodriguez miniature!)

The big kickstarter news however is The Walking Dead : All Out War!!!  Mantic has the license for The Walking Dead comic book from Skybound Entertainment.  They are bring Rick and the rest of the survivors to your tabletop, with plenty of walkers!  This is a full skirmish game - each player picks a crew of survivors and battles the other in an effort to get loot (food, ammo, weapons, etc).  However you have to worry about the walkers all around you.  Just like in the books, they are attracted to noise - so if you run, the nearest walker heads towards you.  If make a very loud noise, like firing a gun, then ALL the walkers head toward you!  This kickstarter funded in about 16 minutes, and Mantic is hoping it will be their largest ever.  Go check it out at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/the-walking-dead-all-out-war-miniatures-game.

For new Kings of War releases, the new goblin models are now shipping and should be showing up soon, and the new Forces of the Abyss are being released this month.  I've just started putting together my demo army for the Abyssals and they look to be a lot of fun to paint (I also picked up one of the Abyssal Fiends from the kickstarter - this is HUGE).  Then there are the new models that were hinted about in the Mantic Blog coming out in March - unfortunately I don't have anything more on them yet.

The Abyssal Crypts expansion for Dungeon Saga is coming in March!  If you like Dungeon Saga this is a chance to play a campaign that, for once, doesn't involve saving the world - just picking a few flowers.  We just finished the main box game and look forward to playing through this new expansion where the environment itself is trying to kill you!

Have you ever thought that you had good ideas for games, or knew how to solve problems with rules and list balance?  Well you have a chance to do exactly that with the open playtests that are currently going on.  The play tests are still going on for both the new version of Deadzone (though you are rapidly running out of time to give feedback on this one) and Warpath.  Head to the Mantic forums (http://vb.manticforum.com/), there is a Deadzone/DZ - Beta Playtesting forum and a Warpath/WP - Rules Discussion to give you feedback on playtest games for both of these systems.  It is all the public playtesting that made second edition Kings of War the great game it is - so get your opinions in now or these games.

For those who like organized events, there are several coming up in the next month.

Come on down to Miamisburg on the 20th of this month for an Adepticon Primer.  This is a 2500 pt Kings of War tournament to give people a chance to try out and polish their lists for Adepticon.  Full information and registration is at http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/p/adepticon-primer-22016.html.  This is limited to 12 players, so please pre-register to guarantee your spot.

In addition OHCon is coming up quickly - March 4th - 6th.  There will be a 1000 pt 'beginner' tournament on Friday night, and then the 2000 pt 5 round GT on Saturday and Sunday.  You can register at https://ohcon.squarespace.com/ .

Registration for Adepticon ends at the end of the month - so make sure you reserve your spot now at http://adepticon.org .

Other tournaments and conventions are listed on the sidebar of my blog - so be sure to sign up for Manticon (if you can make it to Nashville), Origins and Gencon as well!

We are still meeting at the Hobby Shop on Monday nights - some come on down starting at 6pm is you want to get a game in.

Because it is all fun and games . . .  http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/
Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder