New Models for the New year

It is hard to believe it is December already.  But even more exciting is that Mantic has announced the new releases (and pictures) for January!

First up are some new Dreadball Love.
'somewhat RETAILER EXCLUSIVE' : Dreadball: Hazard System Heroes
The new Hazard System Heroes MVP set is a Retailer Exclusive, or at least part of it is.  This set contains 5 MVP models from the Challenge Cup campaign expansion (below) - Kreed, Eclipse, Slalaran Vesh, and Gemini, the Dark Twins.  The first three were funded by the Kickstarter, but the Gemini, the Dark Twins, did not his the stretch goal.  So even if you bought the other three models (Kreed, Eclipse and Slalaran Vesh were each $5 add-ons (or included in the Frenzy level pledge), the only way to get these two is in this pack.  (Some people are upset that Eclipse went from being a sponsor to an MVP, but things happen in development).  Also, it looks like the Dark Twins will be in metal (not restic), which does cause the price to go up a little (MSRP $29.99 for the pack).
Dreadball: Challenge Cup
Did I mention the challenge cup?  This expansion is a campaign for either Dreadball or Dreadball Xtreme.  Each stage is played at a different world, with different rules and MVPs unlocked at each state (four come in the set, the other four are in the above "Hazard System Heroes" pack).  There are four Dreadball locations and four Dreadball Xtreme location.  In addition, one of the Dreadball and two of the DBX locations used the Dreadball Xtreme Xpansion variable pitch.  If you want to see more details on the contents of this, check out my previous blog entry Dreadball Xtreme: Thinking Inside the Box

Of course, Dreadball is not the only thing being released - the Kings of War Goblins are finally getting their 'refresh', including the new models from the KoW 2 kickstarter.

The first one actually ended up being delayed from it's original November release with the Ogres - The Ogre Red Goblin Biggit - though I predict that this model will also see a lot of use in normal goblin armies.  Plus like all the new hero sculpts, this includes alternate parts.  This is also a retailer exclusive - meaning it was not available in the kickstarter - so make sure your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) orders one for you!
RETAILER EXCLUSIVE: Kings of War : Ogre Red Goblin Biggit
The kickstarter funded war engines for the goblins to go with their existing War Trombone.  The original kickstarter version could make either the sharpstick or big rock thrower as they used the same crew and base.  Apparently Mantic has choosen to separate these for retail (which can lower the price as metal is expensive, and you don't have to pay for extra components you don't want (on the other hand I love extra bits that can then be used for later conversions)).  Oh, by the way, did I mention that I picked up three of these in the kickstarter?  If you want to see a picture of the bare metal versions - check out my previous blog entry An Unexpected Kick
Kings of War : Goblin Sharpstick Thrower
Kings of War : Goblin Big Rock Thrower
Unfortunately for existing goblin players, these are the only new models coming out.  However if you always thought that a sniveling, yellow bellied horde of green skinned cowards was the army you wanted to start - well goblins finally get there starter and mega force boxes.  Like the other armies (except for Balilea and Nature) there is a starter for $85 and a mega for $175.

The starter force contains 20 Spitters, 20 Rabble, 20 Sharpsticks, 10 Fleabag Riders and a Goblin Mincer.  Not only is this a great way to boost or begin a goblin force - but you could also use all of these in an ogre army (the fleabag riders would be red goblin scouts, the sharpsticks, rabble and spitters (which all have the spitter sprue) could be red goblins - and the mincer could easily be converted to a red goblin blaster with the addition of a few barrels (full of explosives, of course).
Kings of War : Goblin Starter Force
The mega force contains 40 Spitters, 40 Rabble, 40 Sharpsticks, 20 Fleabag Riders, 6 Trolls, 2 Goblin Mincers and 3 Goblin Heroes.  A great way to expand or start a goblin army.  The three metal heroes are, in my opinion, some of the most characterful sculpts Mantic has made (even if I haven't painted up the flaggit yet).   Yes, the Wiz is part of my goblin demo army.
Goblin Wiz - one of the heroes included in the Mega army, or the Goblin Hero blister.
Kings of War: Goblin Mega Force
There are two additional releases coming out in January (that I don't have pictures for unfortunately).

The Kings of War: Mega Two-Player Set has a MSRP of $175, and includes Hardback & Softback Rules, Counter Set, Damage Trackers, 80 Undead Miniatures and 66 Dwarf Miniatures.

The re-release of the Undead Elite Army box (MSRP of $85) contains 20 Revenant Cavalry, 5 Soul Reaver Cavalry, 10 Wraiths, 3 Werewolves, 3 Wights and Balefire Catapult.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Pretty sure the Gemini twins reached their funding level well before end of ks. Mantic bizarrely just decided not to give them to us and never said why not :(

  2. Many cool toys are coming. I enjoy your blog. :)


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