It looks to be an abyssal winter

It looks like there will be two separate releases coming in the chilly month of February for Mantic.  The first, scheduled for February 8th, is the new campaign supplement book for Kings of War - Destiny of Kings.  There is some confusion about if this is a retailer exclusive or not.  In the kickstarter campaign it was mentioned everyone would get a campaign book pdf, and you could purchase a hardcopy for $10.  Is that this book, or is it another one for the upcoming world wide campaign?  I guess the best way to find out is when the Kings of War II kickstarter wave 2 ships in December.

So what is in the book?  There are rules for map based campaigns and narrative campaigns.  There is a full 7 part campaign based on the events and characters in the Dungeon Saga: Dwarf Kings Quest game.  The evil necromancer Mortibris, while defeated by the intrepid heroes of that game, has still managed to escape, and is now raising a full size army of the dead, as well as recruiting creatures from the Abyss in his attempt to take over all of Mantica.

One of the scenarios is actually a new scenario for Dungeon Saga - where the villains play the part of the adventurers questing through the sewers of Dolgarth, and the hero Rordin the dwarf is trying to prevent them from finding and reclaiming the mcguffin.  Finally I believe there will also be a set of new scenarios to allow you to mix up your friendly games by playing games with uneven point values.  So classic scenarios like a last stand (where the defender knows they will be wiped out - and their goal is to take as many attackers as they can with them) will now be available for Kings of War.
Destiny of Kings Campaign book
I don't know how many of you are keeping score (or even paying much attention), but there was a statement that may have appeared to be an error in my previous post (  New Models for the New year ) where I said that "Like the other armies (except for Balilea and Nature) there is a starter for $85 and a mega for $175."  Well wait a second - the Forces of the Abyss ALSO do not have a starter or mega force.  At least until February 22nd!

Yes the Forces of the Abyss are finally seeing commercial release a mere eight days after Valentine's Day.  I don't think these are actually new pictures for the most part, but I'm excited to see them again.

So first off are the new plastic Lower Abyssals - available both in a regiment (20 for $29.99 MSRP), or 40 for $49.99).  Much like the orclings on the orc sprues, these will also include a few imps on each as well - so you can build a second unit from them.

Lower Abyssals Regiment
But wait, (as Billy Mays was famous for saying) there's more!  Because not only does this kit make the lower Abyssals but it also makes Flamebearers.  In addition, there does seem to be at least a few parts to make some with two handed weapons.
Lower Abyssal Flamebearers
The forces of the Abyss are getting a second plastic kit as well, to allow you to make a regiment of Succubi
Succubi Regiment
For some heavy hitting power, the regiment of three metal Molochs are coming.

Molochs Regiment
Of course you need heroes to lead your forces, so the Abyssal Champion metal model is coming, choice of two heads and two weapons (so you could make 4 different ones if you choose)

Abyssal Champion, with alternate weapons and heads
If you want a little ranged support from you heroes, pick up the Efreet instead - also with choice of two heads and two arms.
Efreet, with alternate arm and head
And then, of course, is the big guy.  The Archfiend of the Abyss is huge resin model.  At this point there still aren't pictures of him beyond the 3D renders, but he is supposed to be as big as the Dragon or Greater Obsidian Golem - something like 7" tall to the tip of his wings.  The kit also looks like you can assemble it without the wings (if you just must save the 50 points and not have him flying)
Archfiend of the Abyss
Of course no one has these models yet, so what better way to start this army than the Army Starter Force - 30 Lower Abyssals 20 Lower Abyssal Flamebearers, 20 Succubi, 3 Molochs and Imps.
Forces of the Abyss Starter Force
If that isn't enough for you - then the Forces of the Abyss Mega Force comes with 60 Lower Abyssals, 40 Lower Abyssal Flamebearers, 40 Succubi, 6 Molochs, 2 Efreet, Abyssal Champion, 3 Tortured Soul Bases and  Imps.  ( I think that they will expect you to use the tiny winged figures for tortured souls, and the ones without wings as imps)
Forces of the Abyss Mega Force
With the Infernal Crypts expansion to Dungeon Saga giving soft plastic versions (2 lower abyssals, a succubi, abyssal warrior, moloch, tortured soul, hellhound, efrreet and a winged abyssal champion (sorry, Drech'nok just isn't big enough to be an archfiend)) of so many models, it really gives a lot of choices to pick from.

Personally, I was hoping to see a retailer exclusive set of hellhounds (since they have the plastic one from above - it seems to me like it would have been easy to make a set of 5 metal ones - two bodies and six heads (since each model has three) that are all interchangeable).  However maybe in March.

Still to come in 2016 are the new army boxes for the Basileans (with their version of the Elf Dragon, and the new Arbalast (that in the new army list is actually worth taking!) and Forces of Nature (with the plastic Salamanders and Naiads).

Also, there were no pictures of the new deluxe starter and undead elite sets coming out in January when I posted last weeks update - but I have them for you now!

The Kings of War: Mega Two-Player Set has a MSRP of $175, and includes Hardback & Softback Rules, Counter Set, Damage Trackers, 80 Undead Miniatures and 66 Dwarf Miniatures.   This is actually more than the combined Deluxe game edition and two player battle set - adding in 30 more undead ( 10 ghouls & 20 revenants is my guess) and 23 dwarfs ( 10 Ironwatch, 10 shieldbreakers and another cannon/organ gun is my assumption).  Total retail for this is over $200 (and I did remove the cost of the second gamers edition book you would get if you bought it all separately).
2 player mega starter set
The re-release of the Undead Elite Army box (MSRP of $85) contains 20 Revenant Cavalry, 5 Soul Reaver Cavalry, 10 Wraiths, 3 Werewolves, 3 Wights and Balefire Catapult.  This is basically 50% off the retail cost of all of these kits individually (which is currently $170, and that is with the old small wights (while it appears there may be new wights that are actually large infantry sized to match the stats)).
Undead elite force
Because it is all fun and games . . . 


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