Mantic Open Day

Mantic held it 2nd semi-annual Open Day on November 21st.  Once again I wasn't able to personally make it - mainly because it was at their headquarters in Nottingham (in the UK), while I'm in Ohio in the US.  A few thousand miles of ocean tend to keep me from visiting.

However that never stops me from digging for information - and I found lots of it.  Thanks to Fisty Glue Man (twitter @fistyglueman / Imgur FistyGlueMan / blog Children of the Kraken (how had I not found this before?  Definitely one I'd recommend if you want some of the latest pictures and miniature news).  All the pictures are from him and link back to his Imgur feed.

So, I find it easier to break things down by gaming system.  Of course that means I want to start with Kings of War.

Lets get started with some of the incoming information you may or may not know
  • there are more supplement books planned for Kings of War for 2016
    • Campaigns
    • Historical lists
    • Sieges and Buildings
    • World wide campaign
  • looking to redo the goblin sprues (when cash allows), as well as the basilean Men-at-arms (no date on these though, so don't hold your breath)

With the (final) release of the Uncharted Empires book, the two 'secret' armies were finally revealed. Included in the book were some concept drawings of the Nightstalkers.
Kings of War Night Stalkers concept art
Next - the pre-production sprues for the new salamanders.  The pair of sprues make 5 salamanders, with either 2 handed weapons or hand weapons and shields.  In addition it looks like there are also some command bits a variety of heads.  They are expecting the production sprues to arrive in a couple of weeks, when they will start to ship out wave 2 of the Kings of War Kickstarter to backers.

Kings of War Salamander sprue1
Kings of War Salamander Sprue 2
Kings of War Salamander Sprue 2 back
Of course there are always studio paint jobs of new minis.  The Ogre Red Goglin Biggit is a retailer exclusive mini (meaning not available via kickstarter) that has been pushed back to next year.

Kings of War Ogre Goblin Biggit

Moving on to Dungeon Saga - which is in the shipping stages now (everyone is supposed to have everything by December 7th - I'm one of the unlucky ones who still hasn't gotten anything yet).

Mantic had a pretty cool 3D Dungeon Saga demo table set up
3D Dungeon Saga table
One of the higher level pledges was to design your own character.  I do not know if these will ever see retail, but the sculpts for them are pretty nice.
Dungeon Saga - Adventurers
Dungeon Saga - more Adventurers
Dungeon Saga : even more Adventurers
Deadzone : Infestation
  • Deadzone Infestation is actually going to be a 2nd edition of the rules.
  • Beta should be going to backers soon
  • Backers of the first DZ kickstarter will get a .pdf of the new rules for free
  • Cards are gone, replaced with command dice
  • LOS is simplified
  • Blaze away is gone
  • Board will go to 3' x 3'
And of course, some pictures

Deadzone Veer-myn sprue
Better picture of the other side
Deadzone Infestation Terrain
more Deadzone Infestation Terrain

They had pictures of the digital renders, as well as a few of the 3D printed versions of the vehicles
Warpath Vehicles 3D print
Warpath Vehicles
Warpath Forge Fathers Tank
Warpath Veer-myn Tunneller
Warpath Asterian Chira Transporter
Warpath Veer-myn Tunnel Runner
Warpath Veer-myn tangle + Malignus Bodyguard
The idea that the drills lift away from the center to expose the weapon is pretty cool on the tunnellers
Warpath Veer-myn tunneller
Warpath Forge Fathers Tank
AND . . .

There was a super secret room with limited admission - and everyone going in had to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).  What did Ronnie show behind the closed doors?  It was the same thing that Mantic held a private secret playtest for last week.  They should be revealing it in a couple of weeks, but I have heard that it is a REDACTED REDACTED of REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED.  The REDACTED REDACTED will REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED and even include REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED and REDACTED REDACTED!!!  So I don't know about you, but I've very excited about this. Of course Mantic will once again use kickstarter to fund the development of this, and some people have speculated on Facebook that this could be their biggest kickstarter yet (some were guessing $3-4 Million).

Remember, it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Thanks so much for the pictures and the inside scoop. I am excited by the salamanders and everything else but mostly salamanders. Thanks for this post. :)


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