October SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder Newsletter

October!  Football, cool weather and pumpkin spice.  Halloween decorations going up, and unfortunately christmas decorations appearing in stores already.  I think this may be my favorite month of the year.

So as always, lets talk Kings of War.  The first wave of the 2nd edition kickstarter has completed shipping - and those of us who ordered Nature or Abyssal armies are chomping at the bit for these to come in November.  Mantic is still waiting for the plastic sprues of Naiads, Salamanders and Lower Abyssals to arrive at the warehouse (Abyssals are on the boat).  The dragons and Succubi are already ready to go.

The beta testing for Unearthed Empires is over and complete, and the book went to Mantic this past Monday for layout and proofing.  This is schedule to ship in November, and I know that lots of people want copies.  Mantic is expecting the first printing to sell out, and does not expect to be able to get a second printing in before Christmas, so make sure you get your FLGS to order you a copy or two!  This is another retailer 'exclusive' item - meaning that it is NOT available through kickstarter.

For events, we are getting ready locally for our first second edition tournamet at the Hobby Shop on October 24th.  Full information is available at http://www.puggimer.net/kowleague.htm, as well as a paypal link for pre-registration.  The tournament is limited to sixteen people, and since I have heard from almost that many expressing interest, I put up a pre-registration link.  To guarantee your spot in the tournament you need to pay $10 cash (or $11 via paypal at the above link).  We are already almost half full, so this looks to be a good turnout.

I also want to give a plug to the tournament at IndyWarCon (www.indywarcon.com) on November 14th.  I'm really excited about this, as it will be the first time that yours truly will be a humble player instead of running the tournament.  I'm not sure I know what to do in that position.

As always, we meet on Monday nights down at the Hobby Shop at 6 pm.  So long as we are in the store before 8, they allow us to stay until 10, so there is plenty of time to get games in.  For Mondays in October bring your 2000 point armies to practice for the upcoming tournament and get those lists perfected.  Then our next escalation league will be starting in November.  The idea behind this one is to allow for people to expand on existing armies or build new ones, and for those that are interested to build and perfect their armies for Adepticon!  Watch the league web page (above) for the full rules, and also check out the Ohio War Kings facebook group for discussions about the league and local events.  Also please note that we are changing our planned Saturday meetings to the 2nd and 4th Saturdays - this to avoid some of the conflicts with other clubs (such as the modelling club that is there on the 3rd Saturday each month).

If you haven't heard of The Ohio War Kings (and not many people have) it is our new club to promote tabletop mass combat wargaming, both by holding local events as well as working to promote games at conventions (Origins, Gencon).  Right now it is pretty much just the facebook group, but we plan on getting a bit more organized soon (including making t-shirts available so people can actually be a group at events).

Rather than continually reprint the schedule of upcoming events, I have created a page on my blog to keep track of them.  This includes any US events that I am made aware of - so if you want to see what is coming up - check out http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/p/tournament-schedule.html .  Also there is a page for Kings of War resources as well, including links to the free rules/list downloads, the official FAQ and other useful resources.  Plus I've had people ask me aobut my demo army lists - these will be there as well.

The big thing everyone is watching for (literally - Mantic has posted links to track the cargo ships carrying it) is Dungeon Saga.  Retail release is scheduled for the end of this month, and the kickstarter orders should arrive just before them.  This is all going to be a single shipment, so if you ordered the expansions you will be a year ahead on the retail releases.  I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this and trying it out.

Season 6 of Dreadball is coming soon (in November).  Four new teams to mix up the sport - are you ready?

The Deazone: Infestation kickstarter is still progressing.  This will be producing the new industrial battlezones, as well as new plastic Veer-Myn.

If you like the Deadzone setting (the same universe which Dreadball exists in) and have just wanted to play bigger games in it - well now you have a chance.  Mantic launched the Kickstarter for Warpath last week, and it is going gang-busters.  The kickstarter closes on October 11th at 6:59 pm EDT, so don't wait too long if you want to get in some great deals on this new game.  One of the more interesting aspects is this is actually two games - the larger scale Warpath game, as well as Warpath:FireFight - a smaller scale game where every model matters.  So far the kickstarter has funded Enforcers, Forge Fathers, Veer-Myn, Plague and Asterian armies, and the next on the list is Corporation.  The plan is to have hard plastic core troops for all of these factions, as well as vehicles for them.  You can get in the kickstarter for as low as $1 - which will get you all the updates and allow you to purchase more later through their pledge manager.  $50 gets you the rules, $125 gets you the rules, a free vehicle, and either the 2 player starter or a battlegroup.  Or you can just go insane with the $425 Ultimate Tyrant pledge - which gets you six battlegroups (for the price of five) - saving $75 off the kickstarter prices.  Right now there are seven choices - though I expect this to eventually top out at 11 (an army and a vehicle battlegroup for each of the five factions, plus the starter set).  It is always fun to see how high Mantic's kickstarters go - so jump on in for the ride.

If you want to read about more than just current releases, including hobby information, advance pictures, battle reports or even just random ramblings on the miniature games hobby, check out my blog at http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/. I try to update it at least once a week, and have actually started getting requests.  So if you have something you would like to see me ramble on about - feel free to drop me a note and I'll see what I can write up.

Until next month, stay warm, enjoy the tailgating, and don't eat too much of the candy you bought for the trick-or-treators.

Because it is all fun and games …
Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder