In the far future, there is only War . . . Path!

When it comes to table top war games, I've always preferred a fantasy setting over a science fiction one.  I simply like dragons more than tanks.  Also, the biggest sci-fi based miniature game is Warhammer Space-Marine, I mean Warhammer 40K.  I thought it was a bit excessive that giving a faction different shoulder pads and color scheme resulted in them getting their own codex.  Does it really need five books for space marines (not including the women - they have their own book as well).  Now if they had the mechanical space marines (Adeptus Mechanicus) when I was started I might have gotten into it because I like the 'robotic' models.

However I never did play that game, and at this point I am not expecting that I ever will, even if it becomes compatible with Warhammer : Age after Sigmar in the near future.  (Yes, I predict that is the long game for GW at this point - they will take the poor sales of W:AoS as a reason to do a 'new' version - and this version will have all the new W:AoS models compatible with 40K (much like Privater Press has Warmachine and Hordes as two distinct games, but they are completely compatible  and are almost thought of as a single game).

Science fiction based games are very popular though (not just 40K, but Infinity and others).  Mantic of course has their own science fiction line of games.

First there is the growing and very popular Dreadball - the ultimate sport of the future.  Next is the skirmish game Deadzone - set in the same universe, it pits small (6 - 10) squads against each other in urban terrain.  The original version was immensely popular, and Mantic is in the process of updating and streamlining ( no more blast!) the rules, with the new version set to debut early next year.  Finally, the had warpath - the larger battle sci-fi game.  Much like Kings of War, it had a box set and some armies, along with a booklet of rules.  The model selection however wasn't quite up to snuff, and there were effectively no vehicles.

September 21st, at 8:30 am EDT (1:30 pm BST) the kickstarter for Warpath goes live.  This is actually going to be two versions of the rules, Warpath, which is the mass battle game, and Warpath:Firefight which is more of a skirmish game (but on a bigger scale than Deadzone).

I just want to be clear that everything else here is pure speculation on my part.  While I am a Pathfinder for Mantic here in Ohio, I have no knowledge of anything having to do with this kickstarter.  But some things seem fairly obvious to me.

So, beyond the books, what will be in the kickstarter?  Ronnie has said multiple times that a sci fi games needs vehicles - so I see lots of vehicles.  There is already a render of the Enforcer drop ship:
Drop Ship fighter
Drop ship with troop transport option
I see all factions getting some cool vehicles.  As for factions - my guess is it is initially 4 - Enforcers, Forge Fathers, Plague and Veer-myn.  Marauders and Corporation may be done if this gets big enough, as possibly all the factions (Asterians, Rebs) from Deadzone.  However I think it is the first four, because they are the ones with hard plastic troops, which is one of their goals.

  Enforcers Troopers
  Pathfinders / Dog Drones
  Jet Bikes w/heavy weapon options
Forge Fathers:
  Forge Guard

  Steel Warriors / Stormrage Veterans / Drakkarim
  Night Crawlers / Stalkers
  Shredder / Ravager (maybe - it says plastic and I believe that now mean Hard Plastic - as Mantic no longer seems to be making new models in restic (i.e. sprue-less plastic, premium plastic).
  Plague Zombies

Unfortunately the current corporation, rebs and asterian factions do not have any plastic troops, and while the Marauders HAD them, they were variations on the fantasy orcs, and just didn't hold up to the Deadzone versions.   The marauder troops are currently NOT available on the Mantic webstore either.

Now one thing about kickstarters is the pledge levels - where do we expect them to be, and what is the 'sweet spot' - the best bang for the buck.

I am guessing that Mantic is going to do something similar to what they did with the recent Kings of War 2nd Edition kickstarter - with the base level being $50 for the rule books, the kickstarter Blaine figure, and some other figures that will be added as the kickstarter progresses.

I'm guessing there will be a $100 level with the $50 level and a choice of one of the four starter armies, and a $150 level with two starters or one mega army.  Finally I'm going to predict a $400 level which is all four of the mega armies.

In addition, stretch goals are always popular.  Guesses for these?  Well first I see stretch goals for vehicles - I'm actually hoping for at least two kits per faction, and with options for each to do two different variations.
Enforcers - Bomber, Interceptor/Transport
Forge Fathers - Tanks.  Transport, Flame Assault, Battle (would be cool to have one kit with LOTS of options)
Plague - Transport Gunship, Battle Tank
Veer-Myn - Tank and a flyer

Those seem obvious.  Then I'm thinking a plastic sprue for the plague - most likely to do the plague 3rd gens, with a bunch of options.

After that - well maybe if it goes big enough they will add another army (I'd like to have all the lists for all eight of the Deadzone factions (plus Veer-myn and Corporation) myself, even if they don't yet have models).  At this point I expect the fifth army to be the Asterians or possibly corporation.  I personally would like it to be Marauders - hard plastic marauder grunts that match the aesthetic of the Deadzone marauders would be awesome.   If they add another army, then they will up the deal for all the mega armies.

For add ons - I expect that all of the existing models for the armies that are available from the current Warpath AND Deadzone ranges will be available to add on.

If you are familiar at all with Mantic's kickstarters, you know they tend to get very big very quickly, and are a great deal for the money.  They have a new policy now however, where there are also new products coming out outside of the kickstarters - so when the new Warpath is released, there will be additional new stuff even if you max out the kickstarter.


  1. They've been pushing some Asterian concept art for a tank and a larger droid for a while now, I'm thinking they're going to be a priority in this Kickstarter.

    I'd guess the add on Army for them is going to have a number of restic Dreadzone Cyphers, and there will be a stretch goal about a week in to make them plastic and double the number. Same thing with Plague and Stage 3A's\3D's.

  2. I'm predicting Zzor personally, maybe as a core army with mini's in the main box!

  3. I love the title of the theme post...

    And i agree with you: two kind og games, eight armies, some vehicles... Waiting for fun with the KS. Cheers from Spain.


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