Gencon 2015 : Learn to Play Kings of War

So what is different about teaching Kings of War at Gencon vs. Origins?  Size, pure and simple.  Gencon is significantly larger - and will only give me half a table for each demo - so things are a little crowded.  Not in the room to play the game, but just squeezing everyone together.

With the larger size comes more people!  I held 10 sessions with 12 seats each.  The day before the show started all sold out.  Of course this did not mean everyone showed up, but overall I had 106 people learn this game in 53 games over the four day convention.  It was a bit frustrating when I had fifteen people show up for one session - one ended up leaving while the other two extra doubled up with a friend.

I had help from my son Jon, as well as my local players Kara (current reigning US Champion) and Amy with the games.  I did manage to actually still have a voice at the end of everything, and that is a bonus!

So is it lucky or unlucky to get to play against Jon?

Some people got personal attention from Kara 

Kara enjoys helping another gamer girl beat up on her boyfriend
Having so much fun I can't even keep the camera steady!
Jon once again helping teach a player

Overall the players enjoyed the game, and many were excited about the upcoming release of the 2nd edition rules!