August SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder Newsletter

Wow, it is hard to believe it is August already, and even more for me to wrap my head around the fact that some kids are actually already headed back to school.  And I thought the summer was going fast for me!

So GenCon is done for another year.  I have already posted up pictures and the results of the Clash of Kings Regional Kings of War tournament - keep watching for more pictures from the best four days of gaming at .

Last month I said the new edition of Kings of War was being released.  This was and wasn't quite true.  Mantic put up a free 'starter version' of the rules and army lists to download.  The starter version of the rules are the full rules - they are just missing the magic items and scenarios other than 'Kill!'.  The starter army lists are about 60% complete - more than enough to give the game a try for free.  At this point I cannot confirm that after the official release of 2nd edition that these army lists will be updated to be the full versions like they had available for 1st edition.  I do know NOT to expect the magic items and scenarios to be EVER be available for download however.  I talked to Ronnie and he explained that retailers were pushing back a bit about having everything for free - why would they spend the capital to stock a book that was entirely available to download free?  Thus the compromise of not quite having everything out there - but enough to play and give the game a try.

The official release of the new edition is August 22nd.  However Mantic is expecting the hard back books to get in tomorrow (Aug 6th) and begin shipping immediately.  First priority goes to those people who backed both the Dreadball Xtreme kickstarter and the Kings of War 2nd edition kickstarter - they will be getting combined shipments upgraded to courier (getting your toys sooner, and saving Mantic money in the process).  So there is a distince possibility that some people could be receiving their new shinies this week even!

If you did make it to GenCon Mantic had a whopping 60 copies of the new Gamers Edition available at their booth - these were gone by Friday morning however (though I did manage to snag one for myself - because the two I'm already getting from the kickstarter just won't be enough).

For those interested in playtesting the supplemental army lists, the Empire of Dust has been released to beta since last month.  The others are still awaiting final approval for the fluff.  Twilight Kin, Ophidians and Northern Alliance are all scheduled for a second supplemental book, though no word yet on when that is scheduled for (but not until after the rules committee finishes the first one).

For those keeping score - the following lists are currently in beta
  1) League of Rhordia (men and halflings)
  2) Ratkin (NOT skaven)
  3) The Herd (NOT beastmen)
  4) The Empire of Dust (NOT tomb kings)
Still to come are
  5) The Shattered Clans (NOT chaos warriors)
  6) Reptilians (NOT lizardmen)
  7) The Brotherhood (NOT brettonians)

If you are anything like me (then I really feel bad for you :-) ) then you hate hand writing army lists.  While Kings of War is much easier to build lists since you don't have to multiply unit size by model cost, I still find I make lots and lots and lots of errors when I make manual lists.  Have no fear however, has not been updated not only with the 2nd edition lists, but it now updates unit stats when you choose upgrades for those units (especially helpful for elementals in the Forces of Nature list).  In addition, it has the five current beta test lists available as well (Kin is the tab for the Twilight Kin).  If you hadn't used this great tool before, now is the time.

The latest sneak preview from the Kickstarter is the Abyssal Fiend - and if you thought the new Greater Obsidian Golem was big - well this guy is even taller (if thinner - he is a demon not a rock monster).  He has also been upgraded from metal to resin.  I thought the smaller units they had on display at GenCon were already cool - but this is just awesome.  Watch my blog for a post this week with pictures of them.

Dreadball Xtreme is finishing up shipping (see above for those who backed KoW2 and DBX) and Deadzone is quiet as they continue work on the new release.  Dungeon Saga is getting ready to start shipping next month as well.

So what is happening locally?  Well people are itching to get playing the new rules, but want to wait for the next escalation league until they get their demons and nature armies from the kickstarter.  So I say it is time to play some Kings of War 2.0 on Monday nights!  I'd like for people to start bringing in their 2.0 1000 point armies to play (or beta test) through August 24th.   Then from the 31st to September 21st (skipping Memorial day as the store will be closed) bring in your 1500 point armies.  Finally from September 28th through October 12th bring in your 2000 point armies to play.  This is three weeks at each level.  Most people should be able to convert their 1st edition 1500 pt armies to close to 2000 points easily.

Why this schedule you may ask? Well to get ready for the Legendary Game Faire III on October 16th!  Yes, Kings of War is back at the LGF.  Last year we had a great tournament with 9 players.  This year interest seems even higher as former Warhammer players begin to discover this great game.  Head over to for full information and to pre-register.  Cost is only $10.00.

For those of you who like to plan ahead - OH Con will be March 4th through 6th.  It has changed hotels this year as well.  More information to come as we finalize the details for the Kings of War tournament - but be prepared it MAY be the first two day Kings of War tournament in the mid-west.

Why did I say mid-west and not in the US?  Well planning has begun for MantiCon to be held in February down by Nashville.  Last year I headed down for Nashcon and had a lot of fun, and while the turnout wasn't waht I hoped it would be (we went up against Bolt Action - very big down there) I have had several people excited about having us back and getting more Kings of War.  As always, watch this space for more information.

And don't forget Adepticon - where once again the US Clash of Kings Championship will take place.  We expect it to be even bigger this year.  The question is, will our local champion and hero Kara Brown be able to defend her title?  Adepticon is March 31st through April 3rd and will be held at the Renaissance Schaumbeurg again.  It appears that the hotel is already full but there are others near by.  Head to for more information.

Before I go, of course I have to plug my blog.  If you need more than just a single monthly dose of my sly wit and humor, I try to update my blog at least once a week at  Keith Ambrose has also started a new blog with KoW2 battle reports - check it out at

Because it is all fun and games …
Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder