Moving Armies pt 3 : Ogres

I'd been playing an all goblin army for a while, so when GW introduced the Ogre Kingdoms I jumped right on it, because I wanted an army that could actually hit something in combat.  I purchased the army box right after Christmas and managed to get an army painted in time for a tournament at the end of January.  I've expanded on the army, and when they got a new version then they finally COULD hit something, and became a quite popular army.

This was my least 'themed' army - really the only thing tying anything together is they all have the same tattoo of the Great Maw with flames behind it (I named them the Fire Eaters).  Of course when the Firebelly model came out I had to have one.  I even have the three Forge World Rhinox Riders before they were really good (as Mournfang Cavalry).  I never finished painting my Stonehorn model though, as I was moving on to my next project when it came out (the Drunk Dwarfs).

So, for my third army moved to Kings of War - 3000 pts of Ogres!

Ogres - 3000 pts

The Fire Eater Tribe in all it's 7th edition glory.  8th edition added Mournfangs, the Firebelly, the IronBlaster and the Thundertusk/Stonehorn (which I have never finished painting)
  • 20 Gnoblars -> Red Goblins Regiment (85)
    • These are probably more useful in KoW than I ever found them in WFB.  Plus they have bows, so might do a point here or there
Useless in the game, but some fun models - very characterful
  • 3 Yhetees -> Berserker Braves Regiment (150)
    • It just seemed that the Yhetees fit the berserker idea
It always seemed odd that they never had 2 hand weapons in WFB - since they were modeled that way
  • 3 Gorgers -> Berserker Braves Regiment (150)
    • Same with gorgers, but they don't really mix - thus 2 regiments instead of 1 horde
The one in the middle is my feeble attempt at sculpting my own.  However I'd need him to make 3.  Otherwise kind of an awesome berserker unit
  • 6 Ogres -> Warriors Horde (200)
    • Ogres are ogres
I need new pictures.  I ran them 4x2 in WFB - but they have to be 3x2 in KoW
  • 6 Iron Guts -> Warriors w/ 2 handed weapons Horde (200)
    • Whether they have 2 handed weapons or not.
Again I ran a bigger unit than I can in KoW
  • 6 Maneaters -> Hunters Horde (220)
    • Maneaters seemed to fit the profile for hunters.  These are the older metal ones - feel like they weigh a ton now
These are such characterful miniatures.  I love that each has their own gnoblar - some hidden (like in the female's purse, or under the feather of the 'empire' model)
  • 3 Lead Belchers -> Boomers Regiment (150)
    • I could have used these as shooters - but carrying cannons they are boomers.  BOOOM! hur hur hur
I actually made the scrap in the barrels magnetic so you could remove it when they had shot (since in 7th ed they needed to take a turn to reload)
  • 3 Rhinox Riders -> Chariot Regiment (170) + Potion of the Caterpillar (20)
    • I loved the rhinox rider models, but they never became fully legal
These Forge World models are simply fantastic.  (Especially the champion in the middle).  Of course, since they were Forge World they were never 'legal'.
  • 3 Mournfang Cavalry -> Chariot Regiment (170) + Brew of Haste (15)
    • Instead GW produced the mournfangs - and like the Yhetees and Gorgers, the Mournfanges and Rhinox's don't really mix well - so again 2 regiments instead of 1 horde.

  • Scrap Launcher -> Red Goblin Blaster (65)
    • The old, metal, hard as hell to assemble version.  It looks like something that would just go up and explode.

  • IronBlaster - Mammoth (210) + mounted ballista (10)
    • It is on the correct size base, and it can move and can shoot.  The game effects are pretty similar - even if the mammoth is a baby one.  I have a half painted Stonehorn that would fit the image of a mammoth - if I ever finished it.

  • Slave Giant -> Giant (190)
    • Again a metal model
A bit of steel jewelry chain and a gnoblar to lead him
  • BSB -> Army Standard (80)
    • Ogres with big flags
Conversion, including the look out gnoblar
  • FireBelly -> Ogre Warlock (100) + Fireball (30) + Amulet of the FireHeart (10)
    • Had to buy fireball for this model - can anyone say it doesn't fit?  Plus allow him to fireball and lightning bolt together once a game
With my ogres called the Fire-Eaters - as soon as I saw this miniature I had to have it for the army.  It is like they made it just for my army!  So which is he casting - Fireball or a Breath Attack?
  • Butcher -> Ogre Warlock (100) + Windblast (5)
    • I converted this one before the official (again metal) model ever came out
  • Butcher -> Ogre Warlock (100) + Windblast(5)
    • I never like the heads for these, so swapped out with a lead belcher bellower.

  • Tyrant -> Ogre Warlord (175) + Boomstick (35)
    • The Limited Edition Tyrant that came in the army box has a shotgun on his back.  How can he NOT have a boomstick?
  • Tyrant -> Ogre Warlord (175)
    • Big fighting machine

  • Hunter -> Ogre Captain (135) + Heavy Crossbow (10)
    • The hunter already had a big crossbow (I did a conversion for a better one) - so this was a natural

I actually still have a few models left over as well.  Most of these are simply extra models that don't fit in with the Kings of War unit sizes.  Some were already obsoleted by the 8th edition army book.

  • 5 Gnoblars
  • 2 Ogres
  • 2 Iron Guts
  • 1 Lead Belcher
  • 1 MournFang
  • 2 Sabre Tusks
  • Scrag the Slaughterer

  • 8 Gnoblar trappers (became an upgrade to normal gnoblars in 8th edition instead of separate unit)

  • Lots of magnetized gnoblar upgrades (only useful in 7th edition book)
  • Spell Markers (only useful in the 7th ed book)

  • Lots of magnetized wound markers (don't need to track wounds on each model in KoW)
Ok, so the last few pictures were more to show off the old minis, but hey, it's my blog and I'll boast if I want to. :-)

Next up - pt 4 Goblins w/ Orc Allies