Battle Report : Loot - Nature v Undead

So we had a 1000 pt 2nd edition battle last night.  On the left is Kara Brown playing my demo Nature army, consisting of (from top of the picture to bottom):
  • Regiment Forest Striders
  • Horde Fire Elementals
  • Regiment Air Elementals
  • Druid
  • Horde Earth Elementals
  • Regiment Air Elementals
On the right is Jon Carter, playing his (admittedly nasty) Undead list with (again, top to bottom):
  • Regiment of Mummies
  • Necromancer
  • Legion of Zombies
  • Regiment of Revenant Cavalry
  • Vampire on Undead Dragon with Ensorcelled Armour

Jon won the roll off for deployment and picked the right side by deploying a unit.  After everything was deployed, Kara's Forest Shamblers did their vanguard move toward one of the objective markers.

After deployment and vanguard move
Kara won the roll off for first turn. Her forest striders moved to take the objective, and her other units moved up.  The air elements moved behind the trees so that the cavalry and dragon couldn't see them (oh yea, the two pieces of felt were forests, but we were too lazy to walk over and actually get some trees out of the box on the shelf - and you would just have to move them out of the way anyway).

For Jon's first turn, he moved the mummies and zombies up, as well as the revenant cavalry and dragon.  He then attempted to surge the mummies into the forest shamblers, but only got 5 successes (from surge(8) and they were just short.

After Kara and Jon's first turn
On Kara's second turn, she flew the air elementals over the forest to threaten the dragon's flank (she couldn't charge him because being fully behind the woods (difficult terrain, height 4) she couldn't see him.  The earth elementals repositioned themselves - waiting for the dragon and cavalry charge they knew was coming.

She charged the mummies with both the forest shamblers and fire elementals,   The air elementals flew into the woods to charge the necromancer (and Jon smacked his forehead forgetting that they had the range on him and not better protecting him)

The druid successfully casts Bane Chant on the forest shamblers - increasing their crushing strength to 2.

The air elementals, not being hindered because of the army wide pathfinder rule, did five wounds on the necromancer and easily routed him, then regrouping to turn around.

The forest shamblers and fire elementals did a total of nine wounds on the mummies, but wasn't able to rout these high nerve undead (NE -/18)

after Kara's turn 2
Jon then counter-charged the forest shamblers with the mummies, their regeneration kicked in and healing 3 of their wounds, while the zombie legion charged the fire elementals.  The dragon moved to pick up the objective counter and pivot to face the air elementals.  The revenant cavalry repositioned themselves, not wanting to leave their flank exposed to the air elementals, knowing the shambling earth elementals were not a threat yet.

The dragon used it's breath attack on the air elementals causing 2 wounds but they remained steady.

The mummies attacked the forest shamblers, causing five wounds but failing to rout them (by one).  The mummies did recover another wound however.

The zombies poured their thirty attacks on the fire elementals, causing seven wounds but failing to rout them (also by one point)

After Jons's turn 2
 Kara start her third turn by charging the revenant cavalry with the air elementals - hoping to remove their thunderous charge and getting out of the charge arc of the dragon.  The forest shamblers counter charged the mummies, and the fire elementals counter charged the zombies, while the air elementals charged their rear, and the earth elementals slowly moved toward the objective.

Once again the druid cast Bane Chant on the forest shamblers.  In the combat they only did two wounds to the mummies, failing again to rout them; losing the battle of attrition against their regeneration and lifeleech.

The fire elemetals did nine wounds to the zombies, while the air elementals did seven from the back - however the huge NE value of a zombie legion means they were steady and fought on.

The other unit of air elementals totally whiffed (what, they are nothing but air) against the revenant cavalry - so they were not disordered - not good for nature!

After Kara's turn 3
 Jon has the mummies counter charge the forest shamblers, regenerating another wound on the way.  The zombies countercharge the forest shamblers, the reveant cavalry charges the air elementals, and the dragon turns to face the earth elementals.

The dragon breathes on the earth elementals, but only a single wound gets through their rocky hides.

The revenant cavalry does ten wounds on the air elementals, aided by their thunderous charge that they did not lose since they were not damaged in the previous turn, then pivots to face the earth elementals.  The zombies smothered the flames of the earth elementals with their rotting bodies to do ten wounds and rout them, pivoting to face the earth elementals in their rear.

After Jon's 3rd turn
 Kara pivots with the earth elementals, and moves them up to take the objective, but keep both the dragon and revenant cavalry in her front arc.  The forest shamblers counter charge the mummies, again.  The air elementals fly over the zombies, then pivot 180 (90 + 90 for being nimble (from being flyers)).

The druid casts surge on the air elementals - easily charging the rear of the zombies, who, being completely brainless, have no idea what just happened to their prey.

The air elementals then do nine wounds to the zombies and rout them by 2.  The forest shamblers do three wounds on the mummies but fail to rout them again (needing those 2 extra points that went to the zombies)
After Kara's 4th turn
The mummies once again charge the trees, once again regaining two wounds from regeneration.  The dragon and the revenant cavalry both charge the earth elementals.

The mummies finally win this battle of attrition, causing five more wounds to the air elementals, who disappear in a puff of air, leaving the objective token to the mummies.

The dragon does four wounds, and the cavalry does two more, but even the combined might is not strong enough to rout the DE 6+ earth elementals in one frontal charge.

After Jon's 4th turn
 The air elementals charge the flank of the revanant cavalry, while the earth elementals counter charge the same unit.  The druid runs up to provide inspiring support to these two units.

The air elementals do four wounds to the cavalry unit, and the earth elementals do an additional three more.  But on the nerve check the dreaded snake-eyes comes up, and the undead just ignore these.

After Kara's fifth turn
The mummies move up, regenerating another two wounds.  The dragon and the revenant cavalry both charge the earth elementals.

The dragon does another five wounds to the elementals, while the cavalry, who have finally lost their thunderous charge because of the prior combat, only add two more.   However this is enough, and the earth elementals are routed, and the dragon takes their objective token (because even undead dragons are greedy and want ALL the loot).
After Jon's fifth turn
As a last, desperate gamble, the air elementals fly over and behind the dragon.  The druid then surges them into his rear - giving them 27 (triple) attacks this turn.

She rolls the dice, getting 17 hits.  She then rolls to damage - and everyone is shocked as she doesn't manage to get a single wound (needing 6's)
The dice betrayed Kara throughout the game, but never as badly as this.
On Jon's turn, the dragon charged the druid.  The mummies fail to regenerate the three wounds that ares still on them, and the revenant cavalry kind of meander away.

Dragon vs druid - he doesn't even make a light snack as he takes five wounds and is routed even with his own inspiring.  The dragon then turns to face the elementals in case there is a 7th turn.
After Jon's sixth turn
And there isn't.  The game is over - Jon had all three objective tokens, so wins 3-0.

The mummies were definitely the champions of this game, not only being tough and strong, but the new regeneration rules plus lifeleech meant that they ended up healing back nearly all the wounds they suffered.  And then add to that their high nerve for a regiment.

The dragon was impressive - but not overwhelming.  Taking a token slowed him down to SP 5, but in general he didn't need much range.

The dice really hated Kara in this game.  Being tied up for almost the entire game with the mummies was not in her battle plan, nor was eventually losing to them after charging them with both the forest shamblers AND the fire elementals - both of who had CS(2).

Overall a good game, and not nearly as lopsided as their match up at Adepticon.  Jon joked as we packed up afterward that he only wins against Kara when it doesn't count - and is hoping to recreate this victory on Saturday at Gencon!