OHCon 2015 Kings of War Tournament

This is the second year for OH Con, a set of tournaments held by Andrew Sherman and the Ohiohammer podcast network, which includes Mantic Radio and Mantic Radio Weekly.  While at this point it is mainly a Warhammer Fantasy GT (and there is also a 40K RTT), it has also hosted a Kings of War tournament on Friday evening both last year and this year (and I hope to continue for years to come).

While the traffic and construction (plus a turned over semi in the construction zone) meant that we (my son Jon and I) arrived a bit later than we intended, we did manage to get there so that the event could not only start on time, but we ended up finishing early!!!  Unfortunately due to real world complications, we had at least six people drop out at the last minute.  As such we ended up with only five paid players, and one of those actually dropped before the third game (claiming he had to make more terrain for the 40K tournament (not that he was smarting after the beatdown he received (and will undoubtedly hear much more about on the podcast) during the first round!).
A great bunch of players - Corey, Jon, Rob, Brian and Andrew
So first round matchups were Andrew Sherman v. Rob Phaneuf - two of the hosts (the third being Mark Zelinski who, with his son, is one of the people that couldn't make it at the last minute) of the Mantic Radio podcasts.  This was a much anticipated match between these two, as lots of smack had been talked about beforehand, with a couple of great players who can let it all out on the tabletop (at one point an observer mentioned that they didn't need a swear jar, they needed a swear bucket!) but afterward go and have a beer together.  Andrew managed to take away the bragging rights this time.
Rob laughs as Andrew carefully measures distance, while Corey and Brian ponder their game in the background.
On the next table was Corey and Brian.  Corey does some really amazing conversions (I really love his robot dreadball team, as well as the wraiths he converted from angels for Kings of War, as well as his dirigibles he has made for this warhammer dwarf gyro copters and bombers) (maybe he will update his blog someday!) but ran out of time, so unfortunately ended up with some unpainted miniatures on the table, which, as we all know, means that he had no chance of winning with them (don't you know that unpainted miniatures always roll 1's).  Brian in his first Kings of War tournament (and possibly his first actual game maybe?)  managed a solid victory over him with his undead. (over half of the participants had undead - Corey, Rob and Jon).
Andrew inadvertently photobombs Brian's careful measuring while Corey checks his army list.
On the last table was Jon against the ringer army, this round played by Bill Robertson - author of the great Warscore tournament scoring tracking software, which I use to score all of my tournaments.  I highly recommend it because it makes tournaments so easy to run, with round pairings done at the click of a button.  Plus you can set up ranking groups to compare your record against others across tournaments - such as the 2015 US Kings of War Rankings.  I have to apologize to everyone for bringing the nasty, filthy, broken list that I did as the ringer, but I had painted up Arhak Soulbinder and really wanted to see him in action, to see if he was a bad as he sounded on paper.  Of course that meant I needed to bring 6 war engines for him to give elite to.  At the end, it was just as horrible as I expected, with Jon being tabled on turn four.  Now it wasn't all the special character, as Bill still managed to hit with three of the war engines on the first turn without the re-roll - but the re-roll allowed him to hit with 2 more.  I think Bill lost two units, even being exhausted and never having seen the list before.
Bill and Jon after deployment, before the dice started to roll and the beating began.
Between rounds one and two was the paint judging, and I managed to completely forget to take pictures of the armies.  You can see pictures of Jon's, Rob's and Andrew's armies over on Facebook as they were playing the same lists they played at Adepticon.  I also managed to not take any pictures of the second round because Bill had to bow out as my ringer player, so I actually played my own, nasty list in Round two.

So round two was me beating Brian, who took it quite well.  Jon was beaten in a much closer game by Andrew, who had also been looking forward to playing him.  Corey and Rob faced off on the last table, where once again the unpainted curse plagued Corey.

For the third round Rob had to drop out as mentioned above, which meant that no one had to face my horribly broken list again (yes, I feel bad for such a nasty list - though in the new rules coming out this summer (you did know about the new rules and the kickstarter, didn't you?)  That left Andrew and Brian battling it out, and Jon playing Corey to crawl out of last place.
Andrew giving Brian advise as he moves his unit around the building

Jon and Corey figuring out the two big scrums in the middle of the table
 When all was said and done, Andrew took Tournament Champion Best Overall, Brian was Best General, Jon was Best Painted, Corey was Best Sportsman, and Rob got the 'try another game' award for coming in last place.
Andrew Sherman, Best Overall
Brian Folcarelli, Best General
Jon Carter, Best Painted
Corey Lenigar, Best Sportsman
Rob Phaneuf - maybe better luck with another game.
Final Results:

Kings of War

KoW at OH Con 2015

Place Name Army Opponents Battle Objective Points Sportsmanship Paint Players Choice Favorite Opponent Best Overall Additional Painting Best Appearance Best Sportsman Best General Awards
1 Andrew Sherman Kingdoms of Men Rob Phaneuf, Jon Carter, Brian Folcarelli 85 7 15 20 1 2 130 6 28 19 92 Best Overall
2 Brian Folcarelli Undead Corey Leniger, Michael Carter (Ringer), Andrew Sherman 50 7 15 20 2 94 3 27 15 57 Best General
3 Jon Carter Undead Michael Carter (Ringer), Andrew Sherman, Corey Leniger 50 2 15 20 1 1 89 9 31 17 52 Best Appearance
4 Michael Carter (Ringer) (W) Abyssal Dwarfs Jon Carter, Brian Folcarelli 60 3 7 17 87 5 22 7 63 Ringer
5 Rob Phaneuf (W) Undead Andrew Sherman, Corey Leniger 45 3 10 20 1 79 6 26 12 48
6 Corey Leniger Dwarfs Brian Folcarelli, Rob Phaneuf, Jon Carter 30 1 15 9 55 3 12 15 31 Best Sportsman
Next up - Cincycon with Dreadball on Friday night May 1st, and Kings of War on Saturday May 2nd.  See you all there!