I'm outta my league here

My Dreadball league that is.  Tonight is the end of our first Dreadball league in the Dayton area, and we are going to finish it off with a Dreadball Ultimate match.  It was originally planned to run through February and March, but we decided to extend it to April because more people wanted to get games in.

You can check out the results here.  Not everyone named their teams or players.  Nor does everyone have a fully painted team, but it is a start.

I haven't played that much, but I have demoed the game a lot, and I usually end up with the Orcs & Goblins team - and it led me to really, really dislike Jacks in the game.  So much so that when I chose a team for myself, I picked the Nameless simply because they didn't have Jacks (and a friend of mine was already getting Veer-myn).

The Nameless are composed of three species of aliens - their strikers (who are essentially shrimp), the hard guards (which are crabs with tentacles for legs) and the sticky guards (who are simply a mass of tentacles held together by the dreadball armor with a head).
Nameless Striker
Nameless Hard guard
Nameless Sticky Guard
When I was trying to think of a name for my team, my first thought was a Cthulu based them, but then a song by the Who came on, and the sticky guard with it's tentacles holding onto other players just reminded me of Fiddle About and Uncle Ernie from Tommy, and thus I had my team.  Of course my stick guard was Uncle Ernie.  I then named one of the hard guards Cousin Kevin from the song, and of course I named one of my strikers Tommy.  The other starting hard guard was the Acid Queen to help finish off the theme.  The rest of the team were named after the band members - John E, Roger D, Pete T and Keith M.  I decided to combine the idea that the Nameless are all basically shellfish - and the a cool sounding album by the band, so Quadrophenia became Molluscaphenia.

Being the organizer I tried to make sure others got their games in first, so I only got in five myself.  of these I did well, until I played my son.  He manages to kill both Uncle Ernie and Tommy - the entire basis of the team!  They were replaced with Guess Who and Who, because honestly I'm not really that much of a Who aficionado, and didn't want to do more research for more names.

Oh, and if anyone thinks that the Nameless are an overpowered team - you should see the Unincorporated Rebs!  This team just rolled over just about everybody, and he managed to actually get in at least one game against every other team in the league.  My nameless were there only team that managed to not lose to him by a Landslide out of all of his games, and they still lost.

In fact the last game was so bad it ended on his third rush.  It was against Martians who were the home team, and went first.  On the first rush, the Gaelan Jack managed to kill the martian jack who was maneuvering around to shoot him in the back.  Then on the Unincorporated rush he took three more martians off the pitch, injuring them for three rounds each.  Every time the martian player brought on another player, he was taken out.  After his third rush, he decided that it was not worth losing any more players, and no more of the martians were willing to come in off the bench, so it ended in another landslide for the unincorporated.

The league overall was fun, and I think most people enjoyed it.  We still have an issue locally with getting everyone together consistently (so to facilitate more games we did not include MVP's, and let people use their underdog bonus based on each game, for anything BUT MVP's).

Speaking of MVPs - I'm not sure how they would have worked because until the very end most teams were very cash poor (even giving them 6MC extra per game), so that no one was willing to spend actual MC on a one-off (we even had a couple of teams that won games and almost went down in total rank because of poor dice rolling and having to resurrect or buy new players due to deaths.)  Lessons learned I guess.


  1. Sounds like you had fun. I always end up playing Orx and goblins when i demo too, and can understand your feeling about Jacks, though with a speed of 3+, the goblins are pretty nippy.


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