Time is but an illusion

I found out an interesting tidbit of information the other day.  Apparently I seem to be a source of information on Mantic games and products.  I'm not quite sure how I became the expert, or if it is just because I'm nosy and have a big mouth, but it seems a lot of people find out about upcoming releases, events and other stuff from me.  I put out a monthly newsletter talking about what I know and can reveal (I don't always say everything I know).

Anyway, email isn't always permanent (just look at Hillary Clinton's servers (too soon? too political?  hey, if we can't laugh at our politicians then all we have left to do is cry)).  So since they are gaming related, I figure this is a good place to echo them as well.

One fun feature of blogger is the ability to change the date of posts - so don't be surprised to see posts show up going back a year or so as I load those up.