From the other side

So this afternoon several people have been posting their armies they have built for Adepticon (along with some good natured smack talk).  A lot of bloggers and podcasters and youtubers will be covering the convention this weekend - but all of it will be talking about the games and the armies and the players.

I thought it would be at least mildly interesting (so you, my fair reader, are stuck with it :-) ) to show a little bit of what it is like from the other side of the games - the setup required for someone running games for everyone else to play in.

I don't actually have access to Adepticon behind the scenes, but I can show a little bit of the prep I have done in order to run a small (24 players) tournament, a campaign, a mega-battle, and four days of demos for Kings of War.

I thought it would be fun to run a lighter story based campaign at the convention, in addition to the tougher, more competitive championship.  Of course that then meant I had to make stuff for it to look cool (see my previous post).  72 campfire tokens which are objective tokens for the campaign.  I also realized that I could use these for the championship (and that I didn't have enough of my other tokens anyway).
36 scroll tokens for the campaign.  I didn't take pictures of the 60 crates - they are basically just 1" wooden cubes, also for the campaign.
I also needed 12 portals, but these I had already from previous games.

So in order to have 12 tables (24 players) for the championship, I need to have enough terrain for all of them.  Last year I had enough for 8 tables and we had 10 players.  We wanted to double that this year (and we should - we have 21 pre-registrations for the tournament), so I needed enough to make 4 more tables.  I ordered walls from armorcast - 6 brick and 2 ice walls.  I made 7 more hills (I had one in my collection I had not used yet).

In addition, I'm using the messenger scenario that I stole from a friend, who stole it from someone else.  So in order to do this, I needed to make sure I had a messenger for each player - and that they were different for each side - so 12 silver/blue and 12 gold/red elves for messengers.

With a few repairs, I had enough trees for each table (I figure 5 per table, as each as a large and small area of woods on it).  I had to get some more green felt to mark these areas.  I also am using rivers for the campaign - I had enough for 8 tables, so I bought some blue felt for the rest.

Finally, I needed some ruins.  I painted up my Dragons Don't Share ruins to use, plus a circle made of leftover parts from the GW tower kit (the two smaller middle pieces aren't being used).
All this, plus four more sheets of felt for table covers (measuring 6'x4') and I had everything I needed.  I did decide that it was time to upgrade from the cardboard banker boxes I had been using, so picked up four plastic bins.  Each of these holds enough stuff (except for trees) for four tables.

Each of these has 4 sheets of felt, 8 pieces of green felt for the forests, 4 portals (the rectangular pieces of MDF sandwiched between the large folds of felt to protect them, 8 hills, 8 pieces of walls (4 pairs) and 4 ruins or other terrain pieces (some fields, a huge boulder, some orc towers, a swamp).  These are loosely packed enough so that there is no pressure on things.  When I tried to include the trees - it was just overflowing.  So they go in the four the bin.
This actually has cardboard to split the box (since the trees are pretty messy as well).  Trees on the right, with the fires and scrolls.  On the left are the river sections, the messengers and the crates.  In them middle is a personal portable pa system.  I found that I just did not have the voice to do 6 tables of demos for four days at Gencon last year, so I'll be trying this out at Adepticon first.
So four big bins full of everything for the tables.  But I still have paperwork, rule books etc for the tournament, as well as needing tape measures, dice and reference sheets for the demos.  So I got a nice rolling collapsible file crate from Staples.  It lasted almost a year, but was cheap enough to easily replace.  It hold all my demo stuff that I take with me to the game store every week, as well as all my other events I run.
 Hmm, can anybody tell what other games I have next to the crate, as well as the ones in it?  And what is that logo on the arc of sight in the middle right?  Hmmmmmmmm.  :-)

So ready for the tournament, but for the demos I need models for people to use.  I found some great plastic bins that lock together and are pretty easy to transport.  I put a piece of steel or tin (I eventually found a roll of roofing tin that was almost the perfect size - I had to cut about 3/4" off of it to fit.  As you might have guessed, when I do this I don't fart around - so I have 12 demo armies, each at 1000 points.  Right now I have two Abyssal Dwarf armies, but that is only because there are not yet any models for the Abyssal army - but there will be this summer, and I'll have them available as soon as I can get them painted once I get them.

Abyssal Dwarfs

Kingdoms of Men

More Abyssal Dwarfs




Twilight Kin




I actually use velcro to stack sets of three bins together.  This isn't strong enough to fully protect things in a fall, but does help to prevent falls and stabilize them.  I added strips of velcro to my demo box lid as well as to the bottoms and lids of the bins.

(so apparently blogger has a size limit, so To Be Continued . . .)