Adepticon 2015

So Adepticon is over for another year.  I've been wanting to write up something, but just don't know where to start.  Maybe just the beginning and go sequentially.

Wednesday was a good drive up with Kara and my son Jon.  Very geeky in the car the whole way up talking games and movies.  We were were worried when we saw a traffic sign saying I-65 northbound would be closed for two hours, but managed to slip by before that took affect.  That evening was pizza with the Mantic folks - all the pathfinders, Joe, Pat and the man, Ronnie himself.   Had some very good conversation about the market place and what was going on, and even saw some super secret stuff that is really pretty cool.

Thursday morning I set up my gaming area for the tournament that afternoon.  One issue was obvious, and unfortunately seemed to remain an issue throughout the show - was chairs.  My area had none.  We finally got some (I had to help haul them over), but during the show they kept disappearing.  Now why they facilities management could just bring a LOT more out (there were at least a couple hundred chairs in stacks in storage) I don't know, but it was very frustrating.

The tournament went very well that afternoon.  We had 18 players, and it looks like everyone had fun.  I used the campfire tokens as objective markers for the first two scenarios, and the elfs I had made as messengers for the last one.  I'm a bit tapped out as to being able to add more than the setups for 24 that I have - so we'll see how Mantic wants to grow it next year.  Congratulations to one of my own players - Kara Brown, for winning the championship!

I took a lot of pictures, and this morning my phone suggested a video of them, so everyone can enjoy a bit of the tournament.  Clash of Kings @ Adepticon

Friday started off with a big announcement - the Kings of War 2.0 Beta rules were finally released.  So in between doing demos I was trying to read them,  That evening was the campaign I had designed.  Unfortunately I only had four players - but they all had fun.  It conflicted with the end of the Dreadball tournament - and I'm hoping that was one reason for the low turnout.  I actually had to leave the players to finish the last round on their own as I had to go up to set up a table and run another demo with the Geek Nation Tours Mantic night.  So a lot of running back and forth, but in the end everyone had fun and enjoyed it.

Saturday was more demos, then set up for the Mega Battle as part of the first ever Mantic Open Night.  We actually moved my event into the Open Night, so my five of my players kind of got in that for cheap.  There was some good Q/A going on before Ronnie had to head home.  While it was the smallest Mega-Battle, it was still fun.  This has been a very well attended event at Origins and Gencon, so maybe it is just that Adepticon is not the proper venue.  Once again the forces of Good defeated the forces of Evil however, so that now makes it 3 - 0 for good.

Sunday was the last day.  It was several more demos, though I had reduced my area down to two tables as I never had more than four people at any one time.  The open format was not as much to my liking, but it still went well.  Lots of discussions going on about the new beta rules as well.

Bill Foreman, the Terrainaholic, did YouTube interviews with both Kara for her win, and Andrew Sherman and I about Kings of War.

The weather was threatening a bit of snow, so we packed up and headed home a little early.

Overall it was a good show.   There were issues with management - they did not provide the tournament packs for my tournament as they said they would (and had I known they would not be there I would have printed copies).  Also the awards Adepticon provides did not show up until Friday afternoon - only an entire day after the tournament was over.  Then Kara's bigger plaque didn't show up until after she had already left on Saturday - but since we play Dreadball on Monday nights I was able to get it to her.  And chairs.  Also trying to do demos with all the noise and the constant loudspeaker announcements from the 40K tournament going on in the hall (opened up to one big one) next to us was a little frustrating.

The facilities were nice, and because they were so much bigger the show felt smaller, though I saw today that they had over 2500 people there!  The food was typical convention food - over priced drinks and hot dogs, but we all survived it.

I'm looking forward to a bigger tournament next year (maybe do 4 rounds) and the new rules.  I need to re-think what I want to do for demos and other events.  I find it interesting that people last year asked me for more Kings of War events, but then didn't come to the ones I added.  We'll have to see.  A good time, and now to continue to absorb the beta rules (but that is another post).