Go Sports!

Yeah Sports.  Go sport those sports.  Because our team is great and yours sucks.  Weird Al agrees

While there are some geeks out there that actually are sports fans (yeah sports team!) I definitely am NOT one of them.  The entire concept of getting excited about watching somebody else play a game was just one I never got.  And getting all excited because a bunch of millionaires who happen to work near you beat another bunch of millionaires at a game - just not one for me.  Or to go and riot because your college team won - so lets get drunk, destroy some property, burn some couches in the street and generally make asses out of ourselves due to a victory.

Which is why I play games instead (ok, I have also hugely sucked every time I've actually tried to sports at anything (seriously, in Junior High (yes, I'm so old that they didn't have "Middle Schools" yet when I was carving my glyphs in stone tablets) I did do a season of Basketball.  They split us up into the "Tournament" and "Non-Tournament" teams.  I was second string of the non-tournament team - so I was the suckiest of the suck.  I actually managed to go the entire season without being able to score a single basket in a game.  I also was going to try out for track (I had long legs, and thought I might make a good sprinter) but I wasn't able to do the mile warm-up run (like sprinters need to be able to run a mile?) so that only lasted a week or so (plus it amazed me that even at the junior high level you were expected to already know your specialty and have your cleats and other specialized equipment.  What ever happened to coaching and finding out what you might be able to do?)).  I actually enjoyed bicycling until I took a header and broke my face (literally - I when over the handlebars and landed on my face - broke my nose and needed 23 stitches in my face, road rash on the backs of my hands) - never much enjoyed riding a bike after that.)

So when Dreadball came around - I passed.  I didn't like sports games.  I tried reading what rules they posted (now the full rules are available here) and they were incomplete and didn't make sense (what was a rush? (I now know it is a turn)).  It started to grow a little, and I got a copy when I became a pathfinder.  Walking through the example and it clicked, and was kind of fun.

So right now I am running a Dreadball League for the Monday Mantic nights at The Hobby Shop.  I've had people worry that by running things I never get to play games - well the monday night events I run are when I get to play plenty.

When I got my set, I painted up the Corporation
and Orx & Goblins teams that came in the set
In the games I played (mostly teaching people) I did quickly decided that, in general, I HATED Jacks - because there were simply so many times that if I did not double picking up the ball, then I could not do anything more because of the restrictions.  So I picked a team without jacks, and painted up (and I'm playing them in our league) a Nameless team;
Then for no reason at all except I liked they way they looked, I painted up a Z'Zor team
And in order to bribe a friend of mine to play in our league, I painted up a full Dreadball game for him, and a Martian team :
Since I had found that this was indeed a fun game (go Sports!), I made sure I got in the Dreadball Xtreme kickstarter - this adds things like exploding terrain
Sponsors and free agents
as well as two base teams, the convicts
and the Asterian Kalyshi Pirates
I'll get four more DBX teams when they are released later.

So while I still don't like 'normal' sporting events, at least on the tabletop I'm sportsing it up.


  1. the boxes and crates from xtreme are looking awesome. great job and thanks for sharing!


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