Because I don't have enough to work on lately

It seems common to me that gamers have ADD.  We just can't seem to stick to any single thing for any length of time - especially when a new game or model comes out.  Of course the game and model companies love this and keep feeding our addiction by bringing out new stuff for us to play with all the time.  (And don't get me started on Kickstarter - that is for another post).

So I've got several projects to finish before Adepticon next month.  Still left is to fix some trees, cut out felt to mark the forests, cut the large felt for the four new tables, and then make sure I have one more terrain piece for each of them.

However, with absolutely no respect for the stuff I have to do with a hard deadline coming up, Reaper finally starts shipping their Bones II Kickstarter.  Talk about plastic crack - the base pledge is over 150 miniatures.  I managed to get in wave I, so mine arrived last week.  Plus it included the fantastic new diorama Dragons Don't Share II.  I actually saw the first one at a local game store (now gone) years ago.  I wanted it then, but there was no way I could justify a model that was almost three pounds of metal (I wasn't wargaming or modeling at that time either).  It was limited edition, only 2500 pieces were produced.  Well in their Bones II kickstarter Reaper made a new one in the plastic bones material - and with the kickstarter you could (and I did) pick it up for $35!  A dragon, 4 adventurers, and a ruined tower (that can make at least two separate terrain pieces easily - and still be able to assemble it for the diorama).

Ok, I need to quit salivating about this and quit digressing.  See, it wasn't that beautiful (stop it) piece that distracted me so badly, but another, smaller one as part of the regular package.  One of the new models was a fairly nice chimera converted to bones material (a soft plastic, very easy to work with).

Let me back up.  (Hey, if you thought I could actually tell a straight story, then boy are you reading the wrong blog!).  I have a friend (stop that - I actually have lots of friends) and we were going to get together to play Kings of War yesterday so that he can get a few practice games in for the tournament I'm running Friday at OHCon.  This tournament allows for special characters, so it game me an excuse to paint up the Arhak Soulbinder miniature that I had gotten last summer.

Arhak Soulbinder

Arhak Soulbinder

Arhak Soulbinder
Well, we ended up playing Dreadball, but painting him up did give me an idea (and yes, the point of this, though we won't get there just quite yet).

One of the options he can take is to ride his Manticore - Martaxwar.  Well Mantic does not make a model for Martaxwar.  I have thought that I'd like this option, but the GW manticore is way too big and expensive (and I don't want to give them any more of my money right now), as is the only other one I've seen on-line by Raging Heroes.  It was then that the light bulb went off in my head.  See, a manticore is basically a lion with dragon wings and a scorpion tail.  Well, I had just gotten in a Chimera, which had dragon wings and a scorpion tail.  It had three heads however, and was actually a little small for my liking.

While Mantic does not make a manticore (and it just occurred to me with the company name of Mantic that they should make a Manticore) they do make a pretty awesome lion sculpture for their Basilean army - Grand Master Gnaeus Sallustis on Nakir.  I got this two years ago from their first kickstarter and while I really liked the model, I had no real use for it.  BAM - combine the tail and wings from the Reaper chimera with the Nakir lion model - and then add in the body of Arhak Soulbinder (he doesn't have the spider legs when riding his manticore) and I have that model.

So I started the conversion - again because I don't have a bunch of other stuff to actually work on - so I'm making a conversion for a character than I will probably never play :-).

I figure I'll pick up a second Arhak Soulbinder at The Hobby Shop tomorrow night during our weekly gaming night (we are doing Dreadball this month and next on Mondays from 6 - 8 (or so), feel free to drop by if you want to play or just talk games) and figure out how to mount him next.  Then to start painting it up.  Watch this space for new updates.


  1. Awesome, love the Manticore! I also used the lion to make myself a Celestial lion (Pheonix) by adding Samacris's wings. :)

    1. I saw what you had posted on the forums - very cool. I like what you did with your entire Basilean Army, and all the other stuff you have done.

  2. Lucky getting your Bones. mine have just cleared customs.


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