January 2015 Newsletter

Well it is a new year, and The Ohio State University Buckeyes are the National Champions!  I hope that Santa was good to everyone and brought you lots of gaming goodies!

Our Kings of War escalation league finished up and I hope everyone had as much fun at it as I did.  Prizes will be awarded at the tournament on the 17th.  If you want a sneak peak, the final results are up on the website.

Did I say tournaments?  Yes indeed.  We have two coming up – this Friday January 17th is a 1000 pt tournament starting at 10:00 am at the Hobby Shop (cost is $10).  We are starting to get a lot of interest from nearby folks, which is fantastic!  We have room for 16 people  - so this should be a chance to hopefully play someone you haven’t played before.  Then just a month later is the Adepticon Clash of Kings Regional Championship.  This is again at the Hobby Shop, but is 1500 points and will use the Adepticon 2015 rules (again on my website, if you didn’t guess by now).  This is also getting a lot of attention – the winner receives free admission to the Clash of Kings at Adepticon in March.

Yes, Adepticon is coming in March.  Just 9 short weeks away (which means I had better get busy getting everything ready for it).  This looks to be a great time, with the Clash of Kings championship, a big battle and a new campaign premiering there, as well as lots of demos.  Don’t forget Mantic Night on Saturday, where I hear there will be food, drinks, and Ronnie saying more than he should about upcoming Mantic stuff!

While Kings of War is taking a slight break (keep playing with your friends however – it isn’t just for leagues you know!),  in preparation for the new edition I’m looking at running a Big Dogs escalation league to expand everyone’s armies from 1000 pts to 2000 pts – and allow (ok, require) you to have a big centerpiece – be is monster or character – but something to show off.  Dragons are always good for this!  At the end of this league you will have a full army ready for the big (1500 – 1600) tournaments with some flexibility, and a chance to really show off your creativity on your centerpiece model.  More to come.

So while I love Kings of War, it is just about time for some Dreadball.  Mantic has said that 2015 is the year of Dreadball (yes, even with KoW 2 coming this summer) – and it has already started.  Those who jumped on the Xtreme Kickstarter have already received their game (which goes on sale to the rest of you in March).  But not only the base game – Season 4 of Dreadball is shipping this month – with two new teams (Rebs and Brokkers) shipping this month, and two more in February (Hobgoblins and Syphers).  Plus new cheerleaders and fans (yes, fans can now come down onto the pitch – where your players can either ignore them, slam them, or stop to sign autographs!)

With all this new Dreadball love (oh, and have I mentioned that the base game is now available again – they fifth printing has filled their stock back up) it is time for our first Dayton Dreadball League.  This will be a simple double round-robin league and the full rules are now available – where else? – on my web site.  Sorry, no MVP’s for this first try – maybe if we can ever get people to consistently show up every week or two (all the excuses about family, jobs and real like getting in the way – don’t people realize that gaming comes first ? ) then we can do proper auctions.   The nice thing about this format is you basically play every other team twice (once as home, once as visitors) anytime during the months of February and March (of course Mondays are our regular night).  And yes, there is a new web page up for this as well.

For you Deadzone fans – wave three has shipped and they are getting ready to finally close this one down.  It has been a little rough, but the new hard plastic enforcers and forge fathers are pretty amazing.  Mantic is looking at doing an expansion for this game soon – I’ll let you know what I can when I can.

Were you able to get in on the two fantasy Kickstarters that Mantic did last year, for Dungeon Saga and Kings of War 2?  The pledge managers for both of these are about to go live, and I believe Mantic will let you jump in (via paypal) even now to get some of the great deals here.  Email me if you are interested in this, and I’ll get you in contact with the people at Mantic.

As always, here is an updated list of upcoming events in the region.  Make sure to update your calendars, as it is always good to plan ahead for upcoming tournaments and conventions:
1/17/15 - End of League Tournament (1000 pt Kings of War)
2/2/15 - 3/30/15 - Dayton Dreadball League
2/21/15 - Adepticon Regional Championship (1500 pt Kings of War)
3/19/15 - 3/23/15 - Adepticon - (Chicago IL) 1500 pt Kings of War,
12,000 + point big battle, a fun campaign event (1000 pts +
500 pt allied force). Plus lots of Deadzone and Dreadball.
4/11/15?? - Dayton Dreadball Tournament
4/17/15 - OHCon (Toledo OH) - I'll have more information as I get it.
5/1-3/15 - Cincycon (Cincinnati OH).  Dreadball and Kings of War.  (More to come)
5/23/15 – Nashcon (Nashville TN) – Dreadball and Kings of War (More to come)
6/5/15 - 6/8/15 - Origins (Columbus OH)
7/30/15 - 8/3/15 - GenCon (Indianapolis IN)

And for those who haven't found it yet - I keep pages for all our Dayton leagues and tournaments, as well as other conventions on my web site at http://puggimer.net.  There is a menu on the left hand side with all the Mantic pages right at the top.  All tournament / league packets will be there, as will the results.

I'm always looking for feedback, so feel free to drop me a line at puggimer@gmail.com .  Keep painting and playing!

Mike Carter
Your Friendly Local Mantic Pathfinder