October 2014 Newsletter

Well it is the time of year when the leaves are all dropping, and we all fear to hear the inevitable knocking of beggars at our doors - however luckily the politicians will soon be gone and we can have normal ads for products we don't need instead of asking for us to vote for people we don't want.

October has been a very busy month, at least for me.  The second Kings of War escalation league is going great - almost all the 400 point games are finished (I believe we need 2 more in, which will hopefully happen tonight).  Plus the next builds have started to trickle in (ok, so mine is done - where's everyone elses? :-) ).

The Legendary Game Faire II was a lot of fun!  We had 9 people for the 1000 pt Kings of War tournament, and much fun was had by all.  I even showed off my Drunk Dwarf army (which went on to take Best Painted at the WFB GT that weekend).  Then this past weekend was the premier Kings of War tournament down in West Virginia at Charcon!  We had 5 people turn out for this, and hope to get committment for more to do it again next year.  I think that this is about the limit to how far I can go (with Adepticon being the exception, of course) for a tournament - however we'll see.  Everyone had a lot of fun though.  Congratulation to all the winners for both tournaments - and don't forget you can always check your scores at http://warscore.net.  If you register your email on the site, then you can even see how you rank against other players across the six tournaments I've run this year (well, it will be six once the size limit of 10 players is removed, so for now it is 2).

I've heard that Deadzone Wave 2 has shipped, and that the final plastic sprues are on the boat.  Not only that, but as of today Mars Attacks! is shipping to backers.  Watch for Dreadball Xtreme to start shipping Wave 1 at the end of November - just in time for Christmas.  And if you didn't kickstart it, the base game for Mars Attacks! is now in stores.  If your Friendly Local Game Store doesn't have it, ask them to order it as distributors have it in stock.  And you can always ask your friendly local pathfinder for a demo or a game - I hang out at the Hobby Shop on Monday nights and the third saturday of every month.

Politicians are not the only scary thing in October - zombies are also out there.  Mantic has their new sci-fi zombies available - you can get 30 of them in the Deadzone:Contagion expansion (along with the awesome ruined Deadzone scenery, the Contagion book and AI decks for solo play) or on their own.  These are not just for deadzone, but will work for any modern or sci-fi game, and are completely compatible with Mantics fantasy zombies and ghouls!  (Oh, did I mention that Mars Attacks! will have rules for solo play against zombies as well!).

Zombies aren't the only new models out for Deadzone however.  The Asterians and Forge Fathers are now available (ok, some of the Forge Fathers are a little delayed, but should be shipping soon), as well as the new striders.  The awesome thing is that this one kit makes three varieties, usable by the Enforcers, Rebs and the Plague.  So yes, I'm going to have to get three of these (Hi, my name is Michael and I'm a miniature addict).

I've mentioned to several people that I plan to run a Dreadball league once the current Kings of War escalation league wraps up.  Dreadball is now back in stock, so you can pick up the game if you want a copy, or pick up a team to play.  Not only that, but Mantic Digital now has the rules for Dreadball for Free!  Check out their download site at http://www.manticgames.com/free-rules.html for all the game downloads (including rules for Kings of War, Dreadball and Warpath, and army lists).

Make sure to keep your calendars updated:
1/??/15 - End of League Tournament
2/??/15 - Adepticon Primer
3/19/15 - 3/23/15 - Adepticon - (Chicago IL) 1500 pt Kings of War,
12,000 + point big battle, a fun campain event (1000 pts +
500 pt allie force). Plus lots of Deadzone and Dreadball.
4/17/15 - OHCon (Toledo OH) - I'll have more information as I get it.
5/1-3/15 - Cincycon (Cincinnati OH) - Not sure the exact date, but I plan on running more
Kings of War there again (and maybe Dreadball).
6/5/15 - 6/8/15 - Origins (Columbus OH)
7/30/15 - 8/3/15 - GenCon (Indianapolis IN)

As always, feel free to drop me a line at puggimer@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

Your friendly Mantic Pathfinder,
Mike Carter