September 2014 Newsletter

School has started, the mornings are pleasantly crisp, and now is the time for more gaming!  This is a bit early this month (mainly because I'm not waiting until the last minute) so I can make sure to highlight a few things going on in September.

Our second Kings of War Escalation league is off and running.  We have some very enthusiastic new people joining us this round, as well as many returning 'old timers' (never though I'd describe a 10 year old girl as an 'old timer', did you?).  Everyone is furiously working on their models, and getting anxious for the games to start in October.  It is never to late to join in on the fun - we meet every Monday from 6 - 9 and the third Saturday of each month from 1 - 5 down at the Hobby Shop.

If you already have a 1000 point army and want to get in some more competition, then don't forget about the tournament at Legendary Game Faire II.  This will be Friday night, October 3rd, with checkin at 6 pm.  Cost is only $10.  It is being held in Springfield OH at the Quality Inn and Conference Center.  Check out my web page for all the info on it at .

If you are willing to go a bit further, then on October 25th at CharCon in Charleston West Virginia we are also having a 1000 pt tournament.  All the information for this is at .  There is no additional cost for this after you purchase your charcon badge.

Make sure you watch the skies.  Is that really a meteor shower that looks so spectacular in the evening, or something more sinister.  Mars Attacks! is scheduled to ship at the end of this month.  This is a fast, fun game based on the Deadzone rules, but playable out of the box (the only assembly required is for the terrain, and that is minimal).  Lot's of weird, fun things happen in a game (can you say burning cows and giant bugs?), and be prepared for your models to die quickly and horribly as the heroes of Greenville fight to save humanity.  I'll be holding demos during the escalation league meetings in September, so drop on by even if you aren't in the league and give this game a try.

Deadzone wave 2 is almost done shipping to the kickstarter backers - which means it will be available to everyone else soon.  Pick up the new Forge Fathers or Asterian factions for new and different ways to play, or pick up a strider or stuntbot to bolster your existing forces!  And if you wanted to mix up your martians (or human forces) in Deadzone then watch for the card decks to use your Mars Attacks! models in Deadzone.  Plus with halloween coming up, who doesn't love zombies - and the new sci-fi zombies will be released just in time, as well as the Deadzone Contagion expansion (which includes an AI deck to play solo).

Make sure to update your calendars, as it is always good to plan ahead for upcoming tournaments and conventions:
10/3/14 - LGF II - (Springfield OH) Kings of War 1000 pt Tournament
10/25/14 - Charcon - (Charleston WV) Kings of War 1000 pt Tournament
1/??/15 - End of League Tournament
2/??/15 - Adepticon Primer
3/19/15 - 3/23/15 - Adepticon - (Chicago IL) 1500 pt Kings of War,
12,000 + point big battle, a fun campain event (1000 pts +
500 pt allie force). Plus lots of Deadzone and Dreadball.
4/17/15 - OHCon (Toledo OH) - I'll have more information as I get it.
6/5/15 - 6/8/15 - Origins (Columbus OH)
7/30/15 - 8/3/15 - GenCon (Indianapolis IN)

I'm always looking for feedback, so feel free to drop me a line at .  Keep painting and playing!

Mike Carter
Your Friendly Local Mantic Pathfinder