Mantic Blog - GenCon 2014 Wrap up

Wow! A huge show, and a huge showing for Kings of War at Gencon this year. With the feedback and number of people that attended my events last year, I decided to add a few more. At Origins I ran 15 events, at Gencon I ran 14 (no events on wednesday).

The big surprise was when nearly everything sold out on the first day of event sales. Feeling like people really wanted my events, I threw caution to the wind and added four more slots to each event, bring the total to 12 people per session - and Sunday before the convention everything had sold out. A flurry of painting and I had 12 armies ready to go.

On arrival, I found that my tables where the exact opposite configuration I had asked for - instead of being next to each other they were in one long line. However attendance was fantastic. Out of 168 seats, I had 152 people participate - over 90%! Simply fantastic. I would like to apologize again to everyone for my voice giving out, especially on Sunday (I still can't talk - which my wife probably thinks is a good thing :-)). I'm looking into getting a mini speaker system for next year to help out with that issue.

The big game when well on Saturday night - we had 11 ticketed players and the good side simply crushed the evil players - one goblin player was completely tabled while three others only had a single unit left at the end of the game.

Lessons learned : I think I overdid it a little :-). Trying to teach 13 sessions with 12 people each was significantly more difficult just getting my voice to reach everyone, especially once the hall filled up and the noise level grew. The air conditioning blowing directly on our tables helped to keep it from getting too warm (or funky), but did not help my voice at all.

Right now my plans for next year are 10 Learn to Play sessions, another Mega Battle and a 1500 point tournament.

I appreciate all of the feedback (both positive and negative) and am striving to make this a fun event for both myself and all the attendees! I'm looking forward to next year!

Because it is all fun and games . . .