August 2014 Newsletter

Wow, there just seems to be a huge amount to talk about this month, so let’s get started.

First, Gencon was fantastic.  Thanks to everyone that came by and played a game, small or big.  Even if I lost my voice and it is now still recovering, I had a great time and I hope everyone that played in any of my events (and I had a total of 152 people play) had as much fun as I did.

Keeping my promise of only sending this out once a month sometimes is hard.  I had been putting off setting things up for Legendary Game Faire II until after Gencon, but then I realized that it is the first weekend of October, which is coming up MUCH sooner than I thought.
What is the LGF?  It is a small tournament that they are hoping to eventually become a full fledged game convention.  The big highlight is the WFB GT on Saturday and Sunday, but what we care about is the Kings of War Tournament on Friday, October 3rd.  Checking is at 6:00 pm.  This is a 1000 pt tournament (here’s a question, as people build their armies, is everyone still interested in just 1000 pts, or do you want to make it bigger (1500)?  The LGF is being held at the Quality Inn and Conference Center, 383 East Leffel Lane, Springfield Ohio 45505.  Registration and more information is on the LGF site - click the dropdown menu for the Friday Kings of War.  Cost is $10.  I believe I have two people pre-registered so far.  Let’s see if we can make this the biggest Kings of War tournament in the US (currently that is 10 people at last year’s Adepticon).  For more information and tournament rules, check out .

You don’t have a Kings of War army you say?  That is easily fixed – as the next Kings of War Escalation League is currently forming.  I’ve learned some things from the prior league, so there should not be any times when you show up to play and no one else is ready.  First league night is September 8th (because the store is closed Labor Day evening).  September is just a build month (400 points), then in October you will be playing your 400 pt armies while you build an additional 300 pts.  In November we are playing 700 point games while building the last 300 pts, then in December we are playing full 1000 pt games.  Then in January we’ll have a tournament to cap it off.  This is free, and is every Monday night from 6 pm to 9 pm, and every third Saturday of the month from 1 pm to 5 pm.  To register simply email me with your name, phone number, email address (oh, I guess I have that if you are emailing me) and the army you are going to build.  Full details will be (currently is it last year’s league information, but soon to be updated).

Have you heard about the new Mantic kickstarter – Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf Kings Quest.  This is a dungeon crawl board game that is in the spirit of HeroQuest/Warhammer Quest.  It is playable out of the box (no assembly required) and the basic game is playable by anyone – no experience with miniature games required.  But don’t let that scare you off as being too simple – it includes an advanced version where you can customize you heroes and build custom dungeons, as well as AI decks for both the evil Necromancer and the valiant heroes.  It has a little over a week to go, and if you are at all familiar with kickstarter you know that the final few days are always a wild ride to see how high it goes and how much more stuff is packed into it.  It is just about to unlock a Naiad hero (after already unlocking a Salamander hero (yes, Kings of War Nature fans, you are getting a couple of heroes), and they are hinting at Abyssals next.  Right now the $100 pledge gets you the base game plus extras – over 50 miniatures so far and growing! Check it out at .

If you are a fan of board games with miniatures – Mars Attacks is on the horizon.  This is a fully playable out of the box game with no assembly required (ok, there is a tiny bit as you put the terrain together – but it is all snap fit and completely customizable).  It is scheduled to be released in September, but if you did not do the kickstarter for it you can pre-order it from the mantic web store .  Yes, it includes a herd of flaming cows!  I picked up my kickstarter copy at Gencon where they had a limited number available, and have been having a lot of fun working through the various scenarios.   But in addition to the base game, they will soon be releasing an expansion to take it from a simple, scenario based board game to a fully fledged war game, where you can pick your own forces to save the earth or conquer it.  And those forces include giant bugs, big stompy robots, flying saucers, more heroes (including one riding a giant flea), flatbed trucks and specialized troops to help the humans (and what are the alien bounty hunters looking for anyway).    I personally can’t wait for my big bugs to get in so I can do a 1950’s style “Atomic Horror” game – giant insects against the army to see who can eat or save the civilians.

So now that we’ve got started on the sci-fi side of things, have you heard about the new DeadZone releases coming next month?  Forge Fathers – the greedy space armored space dwarfs will soon be available, as well as the Asterians – space elves that use robots for most of the fighting.  Plus two new expansion books are coming soon with the rules for these new models.  But don’t worry about your existing factions – the new Strider is coming soon (with options for use by the Enforcers, Rebs or Plague).  The Marauders are not left out either, as they get the new StuntBot!

I want to make sure everyone marks their calendars for some of the upcoming events next year.  Adepticon is March 19-23 2015 in Chicago, and they have a new venue that is much bigger, and are expanding to be much more than just a bunch of tournaments.  They promise to have a larger vendor hall, a 24-hour board game library, and even a specialized painting area with tables and lighting to do the last minute repairs on your armies.  It looks like I will be running a tournament and another big battle, plus teaching Kings of War (and maybe even more?)  Check it out at .

OH-Con is like the LGF, but up in Toledo.  This is their second year, and once again they will have a Kings of War tournament Friday evening.  It is April 17-19th, 2015 – more information soon to come at .  And if you don’t listen to their Mantic Radio podcast – well now is the time!

Lastly, even though most of you reading this are not even thinking about conventions next summer, you might want to at least mark your calendars forOrigins (June 5th-8th 2015) in Columbus, and Gencon (July 30th – August 3rd) in Indianapolis.  These conventions can sell out pretty fast, so if you are interested (oh, and did I mention I am running Kings of War tournaments at both of them?) you might want to put a reminder on your calendar as they usually start selling badges in January.

Ok, I’ve used up enough of the valuable bytes on your email feed – as always feel free to drop me a line at if you have any questions about events or any of the great Mantic games.

Mike Carter
Your Friendly Local Mantic Pathfinder