July 2014 Newsletter

So I’ve been going over ideas for this month’s newsletter for several weeks, and I have realized that I need to quit thinking about it and actually write it, or it won’t be coming this month!
So what is going on with Mantic lately?  Funny you should ask, as there is a lot to talk about (that I’m allowed to share (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) (actually I don’t know much that isn’t already public)).  So let’s get started.

Kickstarter.  Some people love it, some hate it, some have never heard of it.  Mantic loves Kickstarter, as it allows them to fund new development without going into debt for it, and to also judge the interest in new products.  Their next kickstarter kicks off on Monday, August 4th at 8:30 am EDT.  Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf Kings Quest (yes, it has been renamed) is the successor to the Dwarf Kings Hold board games.  It is a dungeon crawl, tile based miniature game for 2-5 players.  It is intended to fit between Descent and Super Dungeon Explore.  The base game allows for you to work through several scenarios, and then the advanced version allows you to customize your heroes and adds a lot more options.  Mantic is known for the great deal they give on their kickstarters , and the sweet spot for this one is supposed to be much less than their others – probably around $80 (as compared to $150 for the sweet spot for Mars Attacks or Dreadball).  The rumor is they won’t have an early bird special on this, but will have a special miniature for people who back in the first few days.

Speaking of Mars Attacks – it is now up for pre-order on the Mantic web store.  Those who participated in the kickstarter for this one should start receiving theirs at the end of August or beginning of December.  This looks to be a quick fun game – much more beer and pretzels level than Deadzone.  Just be aware that grunts on both sides are designed to die quickly (one hit kills a figure, unless they have “Heroic points” to spend – which of course are only available to heroes!).  The base game is martians, army and heroes – but the expansions include more fun thing like the Giant Stompy Robot, flying saucers and mutated giant insects.  I want to make a scenario that is the army vs. the giant insects – ala the old 1960’s atomic horror movies.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Before Mars Attacks comes out (or maybe at the same time), Gencon is coming.  It is actually only two weeks away now.  If you haven’t heard of it before, Gencon is the largest gaming convention in the US – four glorious days of playing games in Indianapolis IN.   Which makes it close enough for a day trip – and they have a special on Sunday – a family of four can get in Sunday for $30 with the Family Fun Package.  Or go all out for the four day pass.  I’ll be there teaching Kings of War – I’ll have 12 1,000 point armies ready to go so come by and learn this great game.  Plus we are doing the big battle again on Saturday night – and if you bring you own 1000 point army then you can still get in with generic tickets!  Let’s see how many miniatures we can get on a 16 foot wide table for the biggest game in North America!  Plus there are still openings for the Dreadball tournament, and while all the slots for Deadzone are sold out you may still be able to get in one of those events with a generic ticket, as people invariably fail to show up.

If you like Kings of War (and who doesn’t like the fast, strategic game of big fantasy battles?) then we will be starting our 2nd Kings of War Escalation League out of the Hobby Shop.  I’ve learned a few things from our first one, so this should go smoother and easier.  Once again we will be building 1000 pt armies, in groups of 400, 300 and 300 points.  But we’ve learned a bit, so you play the game with the points you built the previous month – so no one should end up coming in the first week looking for a game to only find people putting their models together.  In addition, we will be adding one Saturday a month to the league, for those who find it hard to make it on Monday nights, or to just get in a few more games.  Watch http://www.puggimer.net/kowleague.htm for updates, rules and more information.  Once again it will be no cost to participate, and we hope to have prizes at the end as well.

If you like competitive play, I also plan to cap off the league with a tournament in January, but this time it will be a 1500 points, with a 1000 point main list and a 500 point ally list.    Plus, I’m considering running a Kings of War Adepticon Primer in February, so that people can practice with their lists before the big Clash of Kings tournament.  Adepticon is the premier miniature event in North America.  This year it is moving to the Renaissance Schaumburg hotel in Chicago, and will be March 19th – 22nd.  With a larger venue, they are planning on expanding not only the existing events, but adding in a lot more as they grow from being a collection of tournaments into a real convention.

While you might already have it by now, the second wave of Deadzone kickstarter shipments are going out in August.  If you didn’t get in the kickstarter – they have a special deal on the 2nd wave figures on the Mantic web store – if you get the big package then it comes to close to 40% the ordinary price.

If you are a Dreadball fan, you haven’t been left out.  Mantic is currently shipping their limited edition Azure Forest pitches (the pitch is the playing field – i.e. game board), and have a deal on the very limited Azure Forest edition of the Dreadball base game.  The ordinary base game is currently out of stock as Mantic is in the process of making their fourth print run of this fast future sports game.  And Dreadball Xtreme is still scheduled to ship in November.

Well I’ve rattled on long enough now.  Feel free to email me with any questions you might have – I’ll share all I can and answer as much as possible.

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Mike Carter
Your Friendly Local Mantic Pathfinder