Mantic Blog - Origins 2014 Wrap-up

First off wow! Second owww!

Things went very well. I had 99 people across my 15 events (including 11 for the big battle - we had a 12,000 point battle).

Attendance was generally very good, though Thursday was kind of interesting - I was sold out at 8 am, then only had one person at 12 pm, then sold out again at 4 pm, and no one at 8 pm. All the rest of the events had at least six people, though most of them were full, and I did have to turn away a couple of people at two of them.

We did Play to Win, where we raffled off prizes every few sessions. We gave away two Kings of War books, an Ogre army, a Basilean Army and a two player starter set.

Check out the Kings of War U.S. Players page at for pictures from the weekend!

Because it is all fun and games . . .