June 2014 Newsletter

So it is near the end of the month, and thus time for me to invade your inbox yet again with all the exciting things going on with Mantic.

First, a big thank you to everyone who came by to say hi and play a game at Origins two weeks ago.  It was a great, if exhausting, convention.  I ran 15 events and had a total of 99 people participate in them.  The big battle was a lot of fun on Saturday night, even if the evil artillery couldn't hit anything (thus paving the way for a good victory).  Evil is relentless, and shall be back at GenCon to wreak its revenge!

Did I mention GenCon?  Well for all the fun we had at Origins, we will be doing even more at GenCon from August 14th through the 18th.  While I'm taking it a little easier (only 14 events :-) ), because the initial tickets almost sold out I've committed to increasing all of my events to 12 players instead of 8 - so 50% more Kings of War!  50% more crushing of your enemies.  50% more lamentations of their women!  And I figure 50% less of my voice being left by Sunday afternoon!  If you haven't signed up for Gencon yet then badges are still $10 off until the June 29th and tickets are still available for nearly every session of my Learn to Play events.  In addition, I will be doing the same thing with the big battle - a ticket simply means you want to use one of my armies - if you bring your own 1000 pt list then you can get in with generics - we have 16 feet of table space - lets make this even bigger than Origins (which was 6000 pts per side).  The Gencon website is http://www.gencon.com/ to register.  Remember they have the "Family Fun Package" which is 4 Sunday badges for only $30 (and I have two sessions on Sunday, though only one ticket left).  Don't get discouraged if an event you want is sold out - often people who purchased tickets don't show up, and that opens slots for people with generics tickets to get in.

Gencon is still 8 weeks away (giving me time to finish my Forces of Nature and paint up an all new Twilight Kin army for the demos and big battle (plus adding two Abyssal Dwarf armies to my existing eight demo armies)), so what do we do in the meantime?  Well Monday night is Mantic night at the hobby shop.  Come on down from 6 to 8 (or a little after, they will let us stay to finish our games but we do have to be out by 9) every Monday night to meet up and play your favorite Mantic games.  I'd like to be talking about the culmination of our Deadzone league, but unfortunately too much real life got in the way of that, and it has slowly fizzled out.  However if you still want to get in a game, come on by.  I'll also have at least a 1000 pt Kings of War army with me, itching to play.  And I've always got Dreadball in my demo box, if you want to play the greatest sport game of all time!  Or we can just hang out and talk games and minis!

Speaking of Dreadball - the full game has sold out (for the fourth time!), and it will take a few months before they can get the fifth print run out (to once again be labeled as simply Dreadball (oh, and Dreadball Kickoff will NOT be reprinted once it is sold out)).  During the interim, the are releasing a special edition Dreadball Azure Forest addition, which is the full Dreadball set plus the Azure Forest expansion, and a special custom Azure Forest pitch (for those who haven't tried Dreadball yet, the pitch is the board the game is played on - it's an English thing).  This edition is strictly limited, but you can pick up a copy on the Mantic site.  (http://www.manticgames.com/ ), which is also where you can download free rules and army lists for Kings of War and Warpath.

If you are a Mantic fan, then you should already know that Mantic loves the Kickstarter model, having successfully run 6 Kickstarters. If you are a Deadzone Kickstarter backer, then the second (and I believe final) shipment is supposed to start shipping in July.  If you are a Mars Attacks Kickstarter backer then that is supposed to follow up in August, and they have mentioned that it might be available for pickup at Gencon!  Then the Dreadball Extreme Kickstarter is still scheduled to start shipping in November.  The big news however is the next kickstarter - Dwarf Kings Quest - the Return of the Necromancer - is going to go live in July!

Dwarf Kings Quest is a dungeon crawl miniature boardgame.  It will use thick cardboard tiles to create the dungeon, and have all new sculpts for heroes and monsters.  Slightly different than the previous Dwarf Kings Hold games where you had a small group of figures against an opponents group, this will feature a group of adventurers (a dwarf, barbarian, elf and wizard) who gain experience as they progress further and further into the dungeon each game, until they come up against the big boss himself.  But it is more than that, as there will also be advanced rules for using your own characters!  This is intended to be a 'small' kickstarter, and as such very affordable - so you won't have to worry about it breaking your wallet for several hundred dollars if you want everything.  For more details, check out the Mantic blog ( http://manticblog.com/2014/06/23/dkq-abandon-hope-all-ye-who-enter-here/ ).  This looks like a lot of fun to me, and promises to have some really great new minis as well.

Well I guess I've gone on long enough this month, and I haven't even touched on the release of the ruins sprues for Battlezone, because we all know that your terrain suffers from battle as much as your minis do.

Remember I'm your local resource for any questions about Mantic games, so feel free to drop me an email anytime!  Enjoy your summer, and play some games!

Mike Carter
Mantic Pathfinder