May 2014 Newsletter

It is hard to believe it has been another month.  Time once again to let everyone know what is happening on the Mantic gaming front in SW Ohio!

First up - the ongoing Deadzone league.  Unfortunately, the dead zone seems to be in the Hobby Shop on Monday evenings.  Whether school, work, family or other aspects of real life, but the league just isn't happening right now.  At best, we have had one league game in April, and no one (myself included (hanging my head in shame)) has completed painting a strike team yet.

After our wildly successful escalation league for Kings of War, we took a break, and I got feedback that people missed the regular gaming.  So I don't want to do that, but instead let's just make Monday nights Mantic nights at the Hobby Shop.  I'll be there with DeadZone, Dreadball, and at least one Kings of War army (1000 pts) to get any game in.   Hours will still be 6 - 9, though the doors close at 8 so we don't want to start any games after that.  (Six of us got together yesterday to play some Kings of War and had a lot of fun, so we might rekindle that).

I don't want to start the next Kings of War Escalation League until the end of the summer (400 pt games in September, 700 in October, 1000 in November sound good?)

But just because things are going a bit slowly right now in Dayton doesn't mean stuff isn't happening.  In just two short weeks (plus one day), Origins 2014 starts in Columbus.  I'll be there running Learn to Play events again (people had a ton of fun a these last year, and it brought in several people to the game who still enjoy it).  I'm not very ambitious, so I'm only running 14 of these over five days!  There is still plenty of room to sign up.  In addition, on Saturday night June 14th, I'll be running a Mega-Battle - I'll provide 8000 pts of armies (thus the 8 tickets), but I won't turn away anyone who brings their own 1000 pt army.  Starting at 8 pm, this should be lots of fun as we try to run a BIG game.

Not only do we plan on having a lot of fun at Origins, but I've got prizes for it as well.  All the events I'm running will be eligible for "Play to Win!" - I've got a couple of Kings of War hardback books and some army boxes (Basileans, Ogres and Abyssal Dwarfs) to give away.  Every one who participates in a game will get a ticket, and I'll draw a few during the convention (every 3 sessions or at least 20 players).  On Sunday after my 12:00pm session (at 2:00) I'll be redrawing for any prizes that haven't been picked up, as well as for a 2 player starter box (Undead v. Orcs & Goblins).  So come and play, and you might take home a new army!

And speaking of big, Gencon is coming in August.  I'm running the same events as at Origins, but being much bigger many of these sold out on the first day of registration.  Never one to shirk a challenge, I've increased all of these at GenCon to allow for up to 12 people instead of just 8 - and yes, this means I need to get some more armies finished before then.  So come and give Twilight Kin or Nature a try.  I'll have every army available except for the Abyssals (instead having two Abyssal Dwarf armies), so whether you want to learn the game or just give a different army a try, this is a great chance to do it.

In other news, the rest of the Abyssal Dwarfs should start shipping this week - though they do seem to take their sweet time crossing the ocean to get here.  In addition, all the new Battlezone sets should also start shipping as well.  I've heard a rumor that the new ruined scenery set will go up for pre-order soon as well, but that is several places removed, so don't blame the messenger if the message is wrong.  If you are a Deadzone kickstarter backer, then your final shipment should be going out in July.  And then in August, the martians will finally land as the Mars Attacks! kickstarter ships!  Lastly, keep you eyes out in July for the new Dwarf Kings Hold kickstarter - which may also include the new Kings of War skirmish game!  If you can, Mantic's kickstarters are ALWAYS a fantastic deal on lots of cool miniatures,

Ok, I've rambled on long enough this month.  I hope to see a lot of you at Origins, as well as bring in some new faces to the hobby.  Have a great summer, and happy gaming!

Mike Carter
Your Friendly Neighborhood Mantic Pathfinder