Mantic Blog - Deadzone league - week 2

So you might notice no update for week 1. Well here it is:

Ok, so on to week 2. :-)

Actually last week only two of us showed up initially (me and my son), and neither had our strike teams painted. A couple more people showed up about an hour late, and while we talked a lot about games (mainly board games), none were played.

This week was much the same. I did do a demo of Warpath, and explained Dreadball to someone. Kara and Amy were there and they tried their 2nd game (ever) of Deadzone, but did not finish it (games go slow when you are still learning the rules).

Unfortunately we have lost a couple of players, and at least three more have had their work schedules changed so they can't make it.

Mondays have become a regular Mantic game night though for some, and they don't want to give that up even if the league isn't going anywhere. And apparently I'm not the only one wanting to do more Kings of War - so while this league isn't going anywhere, the next KoW one may start up sooner than planned (at least once I can get the real world to quit interfering with gaming!).

Because it is all fun and games . . .