Mantic Blog - Deadzone League update

This weeks meeting was fairly sparse - only half the people showed up to work on their strike forces. A pair of guys showed up at the store to use a table for a game of WH $40K, and I took the opportunity to show off the Deadzone scenery and figures. They were very interested, and had actually dabbled in Kings of War a bit (and one bought into the Mars Attacks kickstarter). I got their email addresses for my upcoming regional newsletter.

One fun bit was when a man came in a bit lost looking for a game, and I helped him out (since the only employees there last night were all RC guys) finding Ticket to Ride (which he was looking for), and then pointed him to Settlers of Catan as a good starter family game. He used to be into miniatures, and turns out he is the boss of my son's roomate's girlfriend (who I used to also DM their Pathfinder game for a while when they were still in high school). His son is 7, so I hope to have got him started into family gaming (and away from Risk and Monopoly), and maybe into Mantic games soon.

Because it is all fun and games . . .