Mantic Blog - Beginning our DeadZone League

So far we have 10 players - 3 Plague, 3 Enforcers, 2 Marauders and 2 Rebs - a pretty nice distribution. Six people showed up last night and a couple games were played - my Marauders fought against Jason's Enforcers - starting out by having my Rainmaker suit take a rocket to the face and getting himself killed on the first activation of the game. I slowly managed to crawl back and eliminated the enforcers one by one, only taking two more casualties and winning the game. Meanwhile Amy's Plague went up against Jerry's Enforcers - they ran out of time and didn't quite finish the game, but the plague were ahead when they had to pack up.

People have started building their forces, and lots of talk is going on as well. Several people have stopped by to see the terrain and games.

We are still debating on the rules to use - the attrition on the standard campaign rules just seems too brutal for beginning players - all it takes is two heavy casualty games and you could be nearly wiped out - and the newbies won't help to get back at all. We are considering instead doing simple stand-alone games instead, the maybe next time do more of a campaign. I promised to finalize the rules in the next week for when we start in May.

Because it is all fun and games . . .