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I was fairly excited about having the store ask me to come and demo Deadzone - I didn't feel the previous demo in October went all that well (though I did end up getting a 40K player to buy and orc army and join our league), but Christy said they were going to push this.

I get there, and they have two tables reserved for me - better to have too much space than too little. Not only that, but someone is waiting for me.

He has apparently participated in ALL the mantic kickstarters, but never yet played Deadzone. So we do the demo scenario, and I'm able to explain things both for him and a couple of onlookers. Then we play a full game with him playing as Marauders and kicking the crap out of the Rebs (seriously, why are there KILL missions for the rebs?). I talk to a few more people, but none of them want to try it (most of them already have games scheduled, or are in a MtG tournament going on in the next room). So we play again, this time my enforcers manage to get a victory over his plague, killing everything but the terraton (I don't like the enforcers, except for the sniper - love that model).

While I wasn't able to do more demos, I did talk to several people about both Deadzone and BattleZones - people really liked the ruined terrain sprues.

Because it was all fun and games . . .