April 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many monthly newsletters helping you to stay up to date on everything Mantic in Southwest Ohio and the midwest.

First, I want to let everyone know that I will never distribute your email address anywhere, and do not intend to share it with anyone.  If anyone does not wish to receive these emails, please email me back at puggimer@gmail.com and let me know.

Just so everyone knows, my name is Mike Carter, and I'm your friendly local (to Dayton Ohio) Mantic Pathfinder.  That means I run and support Kings of War, Dead Zone, Dreadball and (eventually) Mars Attacks and Warpath events and tournaments.  By day I'm a computer programmer, but I like to get away from staring at the CRT screen after work, so I paint and play with toy soldiers.

If any of you are ever feeling bored and can't sleep - I do have a website where I try to post pictures of my various armies - some of them are fun and have won a few small awards - feel free to check it out at http://puggimer.net.  In addition, this will be the place to check out any rules packs for events that I will be running in the future, as well as current league results for whatever league I happen to be running at the moment.

So, what events are coming up?  Currently we are running a DeadZone league out of the Hobby Shot in south Dayton.  We meet Monday nights from 6 - 9 (the store officially closes at 8, but they let us finish our games if we have started them).  The league officially starts in May, so if you are in the area and want to join, feel free.  Speaking of free, that is the cost of the league as well.  So far we have ten people signed up and it looks to be a good time for all.

I had talked to some people about running a big Kings of War game in May, but unfortunately it doesn't looks like I will be able to fit this into my schedule.  However if you need a Kings of War fix, how about stopping by during your trip to Origins in June?  Origins is a large gaming convention held in Columbus Ohio over summer, this year running from June 11th to June 15th.  I will be running 14 sessions of "Learn to Play Kings of War", where I will have 8 1000 pt armies and teach you this fast, fun fantasy mass combat game.  Then on Saturday night I will be running a big battle (at least 4000 pts per side) - come and play or bring your own army to add to the fun.  The Origins website is http://originsgamefair.com/ .

If you have been hiding under a rock then you won't have heard about the new Kings of War releases this month and next.  A new supplement, "Hellfire and Steel" is coming out (released 4/26, but it takes some time to get to this side of the pond) detailing a campaign between the Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs.  They also have some cool new figures - Sveri Egalix (playtested as Taz the Well 'Ard) is simply a beautiful figure of a berserker lord riding a giant badger, and makes me almost want to start my own KoW dwarf army just to have this figure.  All of the Abyssal Dwarf units that were funded from the Kings of War kickstarter are also being released, as well as finally getting the Dwarf Brock Riders available as a separate unit.  If you haven't checked out the new releases at http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/pre-order/advance-order-kings-of-war.html then now is the time to do so.

Not only does Kings of War get some great new models, but Battlezones are coming.  If you have DeadZone then you know who great this sci-fi terrain is - battlezones are the new brand for all Mantics terrain kit.  The base Urban distric kit is what comes in the Deadzone box, but is now available with the fortifications and landing pad.  Even if you play some other sci-fi game, these new kits are a great way to build up terrain for your games.  And the new damaged terrain sprues will be coming out soon - I have a couple of these for you to check out at our Deadzone league nights.

If you ever have any questions about Mantics game - feel free to email me.  If I don't have the answer I can always ask some smarter people for it.

Now that spring is finally here, I hope eveyone can enjoy a bit of nice weather.  Try taking your gaming table outside, to get some sunshine and natural light as you mercilessly beat your friends at your favorite miniature game!

Mike Carter
Mantic Pathfinder