Mantic Blog - OH-Con part 1

A great tournament!!!

To my knowledge, this is the largest Kings of War tournament in the US to date (with 8 players). Not that big, but considering we only had 3 at Adepticon and 2 at GenCon last year is pretty good.

Three games were played starting in the late afternoon, and everyone had a great time. I played the ringer, so had to exclude myself from the final scores (which was a good thing, because I would have won overall had my scores counted).

Toby, Keith, Andrew, Corey, Bill, Mark & Collin. My ugly mug is taking the picture :-)

The results were:
Overall : Keith Ambrose (Elves)

Best General : Andrew Sherman (Kingdoms of Men)

Best Painted : Corey Lenigar (Undead)

Best Sportsman : Bill Robertson (Undead)

Full results are up on warscore!

Because it is all fun and games . . .