Mantic Blog - Escalation League Tournament

So the official end to our escalation league was a tournament at the Hobby Shop on March 15th. I believe this qualifies (for now) as the largest US Kings of War tournament to date, with 8 paid players. Unfortunately several league members were not able to make it, but Josh was able to rejoin us for a great day of battles.

In a huge switch from the way the games went during the league - there were a huge number of ties in the tournament, with half the games ending in a tie. As I watched the games (and took a bunch of pictures) I saw things switch drastically. Our league champions both ended up with a tie the first round, and our nine year old undead player got a win to move onto the top table for the second game. Then in the third round, with Jon and Jerry tied for tournament points on the top table, they ended up only being a handful of points apart and so pulled off yet another tie, allowing Kara to come from behind and, much like in the escalation league, win the whole thing.

While the league ended up being a bit long, the tournament was a great way to end it, and several people are already talking about what they want to do next time.

I did take a lot of pictures - too many to post here. Check them out either on my web page at

Final results are posted at

Thank you to everyone who participated in the league - I had a great time and I look forward to more!

Because it is all fun and games . . .